Your Wise Decision Casio G Shock or Seiko Series

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When you think of great Japanese timepieces, the choice becomes difficult in Casio g shock uk vs. Seiko. Above all, the important thing is that these two brands, due to their high quality and innovative features, have maintained their standard of being unbeatable and gaining the attention of the fans all over the world. It can be seen that each brand is introducing different models in the market to fit different tastes.

Here are some commonalities between brands that add value and can help you find the best choice between best Seiko watches and Casio G Shock UK that suits your desires.

Comparison of Seiko and Casio g shock brand Values

Seiko was created in 1881 from a small watch shop on a small corner of a busy street in the Tokyo area. Watchmaker Cantaro Hatwari chose a different direction for himself, targeting a reasonable customer base. However, at the time, it was nothing more than a small jewelry store and had to wait a long time until 1913 – the year Seiko introduced his first coat watch to this day.

Casio brand was created in April 1946 in Tokyo, the originator is Mr. Tadao Kashio. By 1957, four Kashio brothers established Casio Computer Co., Ltd. In 1974, Casio formally entered the watch market, with the primary item line being Casiotron. In addition, since at that point, Casio watches continuously taken after the advancement of the watch world. Casio was born late after birth compared to Seiko but was too the primary company to deliver electronic watches at that time.  

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Differences in Seiko and Casio g shock Designs

Of course, with the help of high position and great value, the two big men, Seiko and Casio, like two different styles, choose the design and make their mark in the hearts of the fans. I refer to Shop Watch, as, in terms of design, there are product lines everywhere that create their own bold dream features. Seiko’s dress watches always carry a degree of beauty, texture and a small amount of maturity. However, Casio g shock uk is also luxurious and beautiful, but a little youthful and easy-going. Sports watches are no different. Because Casio always follows the anti-shock crafting style, his shape is tough, seemingly thick. However, Seiko has a place in the sense of sophistication, compactness. Probably many people in design side decide to buy it by comparing Seiko and Casio watches, because everyone has a hobby and every company has a unique style. However, the following parts are equally important in the decision to buy a watch.

In terms of materials, both companies have the same high quality materials: durable stainless steel; High quality mineral glass or high quality sapphire glass. Alternatively, some products will be equipped with advanced PVD plating technology. The strap varies from soft leather straps, to strong metal straps to durable natto straps, hand-held.

However, each company has its own characteristics as well as its own habits to highlight a particular thing so that consumers can easily recognize their mental maturity in the sea of watches. Seiko uses Hardlex glass a huge range with advanced technologies I.e Seiko Sporture and Seiko mini turtle. In particular, Seiko has invented glasses. Casio used a completely plastic case and rubber band for his G-Shock and Baby Shock collection.

Apparatus Comparison

Although both companies make and continue to make watches, they follow two opposite directions of development. Only one company in analog hands has to force both companies to take the same path. But it can be said that the quality, durability, accuracy and longevity of the quartz machines of both the companies are equal. The different features of both the brands have also left a strong impression in the hearts of watch fans. Seiko was developed primarily on quartz, automatic and other weird / hybrid machines such as Kinetic, Solar or Premiere, etc.Certificate of Merit, Medal for Firm also.

Casio is as good as with electronic watches, but it has a long battery life. In addition, several functions were developed, such as day of the month, day of the week, morning, afternoon, time in various time zones, compass, height measurement etc. Casio also comes with a thermometer that will inform you. Ambient temperature. in addition, the watch is equipped with a dictionary, some watches help to store phone information, emails, personal calendars with built-in memory. For example: G-ShockUK, Casio Edifice, Casio Casiotron, Casio Solar Powered, Casio Ocean, Seiko watches look talkative, but have stability and multifunctional shape, Casio has a great advantage.

The last factor is the sale price

As mentioned above, Seiko follows the direction of development of many different models, so Seiko’s price range varies greatly, but Seiko still produces mainly mid-priced machines. Same as:

  • The lowest price for a quartz watch is over 2 million, a little more advanced, then the price is 7 million and up.
  • The lowest automatic watch features over 3 million Seiko 5 Army models typically 37mm. Even a slightly more expensive model costs tens of millions.
  • There are luxury watches that do not have a specific price range, like the lower Grand Seiko, which is worth tens of millions, if not tens of millions, and possibly billions.
  • The price of Casio is more dominant. The nickname for “cheap guy”Casio G-shock UK is even less than a million dollars an hour.

From the above comparison, do you still like what watch to buy if you are in front of these two famous brands?

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In addition, that is the comparison data between the two watches Seiko vs Casio. I actually find Casio to suit the tremendous larger part of clients with more forms, colors and reasonable costs. In the meantime, Seiko watches still demonstrate the class and genuine esteem of a brand-name item with a long history of decades with a huge series I.e Seiko mini turtle.