You Have to Try These Sustainable Dog Products

You Have to Try These Sustainable Dog Products

When it comes to taking care of your dog, you want eco-friendly products. You give them natural food, indulge in safe shampoos, and get regular check-ups with the vet. However, your commitment to a more sustainable and safer lifestyle for your furry friend doesn’t have to end there!

Here is a list of the top sustainable dog products on the market:

1. Grooming Wipes

Going for a walk means your pet’s paws get dirty! Even if you just let them out in the backyard, this happens. Consider buying biodegradable grooming wipes for dogs instead.

They include soothing ingredients to keep your pet’s paws soft. However, they’re safer for the environment because they don’t contain:

  • Alcohol
  • Chemical detergents
  • Sulfates
  • Parabens

These wipes are also gentle on your dog’s skin and coat. While they remove dirt and odor, they don’t burn or sting when you use them.

Since they’re also biodegradable, you can feel at ease when you toss them into the trash can. The wipes break down quickly, which puts more nutrients into the soil without the harsh chemicals of many other products.

This is a great product for those who don’t like that “wet dog” smell and don’t want muddy paw prints all over the house!

2. Poop Bags

Everyone knows that dogs do “number two” when they’re out on a walk. The primary purpose of the walk is to get them to do their business.

However, if you’re in a public place, you’ve got to clean up after your furry friend. Most people grab a plastic baggie and head out into the sunset. This isn’t good for the environment.

With that, feces are a great compost material! Consider getting some compostable bags to pick up your dog’s do-do. From there, you can toss the entire thing into your compost bin and get beautiful flowers during the growing season!

3. Eco Toys

Puppies and older dogs love playing with toys! However, you never know what goes into them. Are they made of new materials?

Many companies are switching to recycled and upcycled materials. When a beloved toy is shredded and tattered, replace it with one that used to be a shirt or something else. You don’t have to do anything but buy the product!

4. Organic Apparel

Organic apparel is made without any dyes and from sustainable materials.

The materials grow back quickly, so there’s never a shortage. For example, trees take many decades to grow, so they’re not sustainable. However, cotton and bamboo grow quickly.

Since it’s organic to boot, there are no harsh chemicals used to create the clothing! Typically, these materials break down fast when you’re done with them. Therefore, they’re sustainable, too!


Everyone wants to protect the earth. While you might save money by showering less frequently and using cold water to wash your clothes, you wonder what you can do for your furry friend.

Your pet wants to protect the planet, too, and it’s quite easy to do! By using any of these eco-friendly products, you can live a sustainable life with your pet. Try them out today!