WoW – Earning TBC gold in a cataclysm

TBC gold

Once Cata is released, the demand for many of the existing items will be very high and we can start stockpiling these items now. So step back and think for a moment about what you will need. New characters will advance goblins and worsen, so we need to think about what these new characters will need.

This is more speculation than anything else. I started to think that cosmetic pets and other cosmetic items needed for achievements would be in great demand in the future. My reasoning is that players will create new characters and will want to live up to their main achievements.

 This pet can no longer drop during a Cataclysm as the mobs it drops from will be removed. Still waiting for confirmation, but it might be worth tilling the land or looking for good bids from the auction house. This pet can bring back several thousand if it is found to be removed from the game.

Another thought I had was [Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger], which only high-end raiding guilds can get hold of. After the expansion has been released, this item will be very limited as raiding guilds will abandon ICC content. It will be difficult for players to assemble groups that will be able to cultivate these items in a cataclysm.

 I rarely see anyone joining groups to launch old WoW TBC Gold raid content, so I think it will be the same for WotLK content. You may now be able to buy this mount for 20,000 to 40,000 gold and resell it for 80,000 to 100,000 gold after the expansion is released. It’s all speculation again, but it’s a very realistic scenario.

 The Golden Guide to Leveling Up WoW

 New players often lament that they don’t have enough gold to buy what they need. Sometimes they start a business conversation. We all know how awful it can be. I suspect that the pressure on gold prompts some players to resort to ninja tactics to get upgrades or “help themselves” with items in the guild bank.

My theory is that if a new player can earn 100g on the first day of play, he will be able to enjoy the game unhindered that he will always be broke. Teach a man to fish …

Here are my recent experiences with the detailed steps to follow if you want to repeat my strategy.

My new Blood Elf Hunter started in the starting area of   Sunstrider Island and started doing all of the starting tasks. From level 1 to level 10 it took a total of 3 hours 9 minutes. ((many properties to ReadySetDing v0.76 for this information)).

On the way to the L10, I fitted out fabric or leather gear that was better than my launch gear and sold the rest. I received one BoE drop, Gypsy Buckler of Stamina, which I wanted to put into GA. As I had to leave Sunstrider Isle for Eversong Woods anyway, I decided to make it to AH in Silvermoon City before doing anything else. I even replaced the shield with 3g and went to other tasks.

Tip: In my experiment, this shield sale gave me a nice boost of starting gold. If you’re not so lucky, the rules below will still work – buy low-priced items and resell them. You can find items for as little as 5s that will be worth much more, or you can run an AH search to find items that are salable that are listed below supplier prices.

When I hit the L10, I had an amazing 45s 71c on my account. I haven’t trained in any competition. I didn’t leave Sunstrider Isle so I wasn’t in the Auction House. I bought a white bow from one of the vendors but otherwise just sold all my whites and grays to local retailers. I also had my starter backpack, two 4-slot bags, and one 6-slot bag from random drops and mission rewards.

Oh, and when I was browsing the SMC, I scanned the trade chat for guild mark ads, but there weren’t any – it was Wednesday night after all. Not the best recruiting time. I also learned fishing, first aid, cooking, and bought a fishing rod. I was officially very broke now.

Bought them all. Lol, all 3 auctions – now I’m AH tycoon!

On the way to GA, I trained in two collecting competitions. Skinning is a great tool for earning low money. Now that glyphs are selling so well, Herbology should be better for making gold. All mats sell great so I figured it would be better than digging. I went to the herbalism trainer.

After the herbalism training, I asked a local dealer to empty the garbage from my bags and what did I find? She was selling 2 Mageroyal, 2 Earthroot, and 1 Peacebloom for 8 cents to 13 cents. I bought them all and returned to GA quickly.

I have listed all my new purchases at market value. I didn’t undercut anyone, although there were some stupidly high prices for herbs, 250% or more. I left town and went back to questing.

Since all the mobs in the Ghostlands were too tall for me to the skin, I stayed near Silvermoon City and killed a ton of Mad Dragonhawks and Springpaw Stalkers to speed up the skinning process. When I saw the fantastic drop rates of Little Eggs from the Dragonhawks, I avoided all cats.

Hint: find out the value of items you find while completing quests. These little eggs will most likely be of great value during the Pilgrimage and Winter Feast quests because of the recipes for the tasks that need to be completed. Last year, they sold 2.5g each in the first few days of each event. I now have 65 eggs in the bank.

While my skin was at a sufficient level for Ghostlands, I made one more trip to GA to post my new skin scraps and fair skin. Then go back to questing. After I hit L15 I logged in overnight.
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