Must Have Winter Boots for Men In 2021

Winter Boots for Men

Once the winter season rolls around, people bring out their jackets, scarves, and boots. Boots have been a winter staple forever, and add a lot of style to any outfit. You can take a simple sweater and jeans and turn it into an elegant outfit with the right pair of boots. Furthermore, the winters bring a whole new set of challenges, especially if you live in extremely cold areas with lots of snow. Then, you need to make sure your footwear has the right balance between warmth, comfort, and aesthetics.   

There are some great options out there for men’s winter boots, and most of them are quite versatile. You can wear many of these boots with either a snowsuit or with semi formal khaki pants. They’ll look equally good with either outfit, and will keep your feet safe and warm. These options are particularly good if you want something that works well with outdoor activities as well. Check out this diverse list of men’s winter boots, and then choose what works best for you.

Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV Omni Cold-Weather Boots

These boots are perfect for hiking expeditions and can also work well with regular streetwear outfits. They are built to be waterproof, with 200g of insulation in the seam-sealed leather upper shell. This makes these boots waterproof, so that your feet can be dry even in the deepest snowdrifts.

In addition, Columbia offers proprietary technology which makes these boots permeable so that your feet can breathe. However, the company has designed these shoes in such a way that the outside elements do not get in. This is a great option for hiking and other outdoor activities.

The Original Muck Boot Company Arctic Ice Tall

These rubber winter boots are not your standard wellies. They go above and beyond, and protect your feet from slick ice and deep snow. Not only that, they also look great with a pair of straight cut jeans and any nice jacket you have.

In addition, these boots have a unique Vibram grip outsole, which keeps the shoes airtight, so that no snow or moisture gets in. This means that your feet stay warm and toasty, without compromising on style.

Timberland White Ledge Mid Boots

Timberland is an iconic brand when it comes to winter boots. Therefore, you should obviously check out its range of men’s winter boots. The White Ledge boots are a great option. They offer the classic Timberland design in all-leather and sturdy, sealed soles. Their wide soles make it the perfect option for people who have broader feet.

While this shoe might not be a great hiking option, it is perfect for regular wear and as a work boot. It keeps your feet safe and warm, and gives you the perfect fit for everyday use.

Blundstone Thermal Chelsea Boots

If you don’t want to wear hiking or work boots everywhere, this is the perfect option for you. These Chelsea boots automatically uplift your outfit and add an elegant element. Furthermore, they have a proper lining which helps you keep warm even on the coldest of days.

So, if you don’t want to sacrifice your sense of style but also want to stay warm, these Chelsea boots are the right choice for you. Their rustic brown color option will go with almost anything in your wardrobe, and make your outfit look polished.

Church’s Eastville lw Suede Lace-Up Derby Boot Brown

This is another more semi formal option if you don’t want to go for the work boot or hiking boot look. It has a lightweight goodyear sealed sole, making it a great all-weather option. However, as it’s suede, you shouldn’t wear it in deep snow. Otherwise, it is an excellent all-round option.

It comes with light lining to keep your feet warm and dry, and it’s laces and short length make it the perfect option to wear to work meetings and such. 

UGG Neumel Boots

UGG has its Neumel boots in a wide range of colors and different upper shell material options. Its mid-rise cut works well at all occasions, and keeps your feet warm and cosy. The best part about these boots is the color options you have, so you can choose what works well for streetwear, work, or events.

These men’s boots are just the tip of the iceberg. You can find something for your needs, whatever your style preference is. Get the right mix of outdoor, work, and semi formal boots, and you’re all set for years to come!