Window stickers. What kind of window stickers are there? Unusual stickers. Features of using vinyl window stickers.

There are window stickers of different shapes and sizes, ranging from small to very large. Stickers contain different information, but they share one common goal – to attract potential customers. For example, vinyl window stickers for business. They can be standard size or occupy most of the glass. 

Stickers on the windows can vary depending on the function they perform. They can be an advertisement for a store or product. They may also contain information about seasonal sales and discounts in the store. Or a company logo, for example.

You can use this type of advertising not only on the windows of your store, but also on the car (vinyl window decals of the car). Stickers are often used on trucks.

Today, stickers with glow effects are becoming more and more popular. They are perfectly visible in the dark and attract people with their originality.

Today there are a large number of agencies that are involved in the design and manufacture of a variety of window signs. The design can be both standard and individual, created for a particular client. Companies offer an individual approach to everyone. The shape and size of the sticker can be individually chosen depending on the preferences and tastes of the customer.

Let’s see what kinds of stickers are on the windows and how they differ from each other.

Stickers based on vinyl film may have an unusual and diverse design. For example, be opaque, multicolored.

You can print the sticker on both ordinary and transparent film. The surface can be matt or glossy.

An excellent place for advertising would be a window or a storefront of a restaurant, cafe or store. They have a lot of free space on which you can place relevant outdoor advertising. You can use ordinary stickers or, for example, signs. They will contain information about various services, promotions and good deals. Window stickers represent a simpler and more versatile option. Any advertisement on the windows will look original. 

Vinyl window stickers are made of vinyl. Such stickers are attached with glue. The composition of the adhesive layer can be different. There are both stronger adhesives and weaker ones. 

When using vinyl stickers you need to remember a few rules:

  1. There is a certain way to remove this type of sticker. They cannot be removed until you use a heat source.
  2. Thanks to the composition of the adhesive, you can adjust the position of the sticker after gluing.

Today it is very convenient to order unusual window stickers with an individual design. They are inexpensive and can be placed on either side of the window