Why You Should Consume Whey Protein

Weight trainers and bodybuilders mostly prefer whey protein to achieve their body goals. It contains protein with amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals which your body needs when working out. We all know how protein is necessary for not only your achieving that well-built body but also for the optimal bodily functions. Moreover, if you are working out, you need more protein than a person who follows a sedentary lifestyle. As your muscles suffer a lot during hard workouts, you need a good dose of protein and sticking to a diet full of fiber, lean protein, good quality carbs, vitamin-rich fruits, and veggies to perform better in the gym. Some of the best whey protein brands are Ronnie Coleman, TrueBasics, MyProtein, Optimum Nutrition, Dymatize, MuscleBlaze and MusclePharm. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should consume whey protein.

Build Up Muscle

One of the main benefits of whey protein is to build muscle mass and strength. Bodybuilders and athletes consume it to improve their performance. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscles, and whey protein provides the complete profile for amino acid, essential vitamins and minerals for muscle gains. Also, whey is easier to absorb than other protein sources and helps in quick muscle repair after a workout.

Lose Fat 

Whey protein is satiating and keeps you feeling full for a longer period, which works perfectly for keeping your cravings and hunger pangs at bay. Due to this, it is proven to be helpful in fat and weight loss. Whey protein helps maintain a balanced diet by shifting your calories requirements from high-fat food and high carb to a lean protein source. Whether you do heavy workouts or mild activity, you need whey protein to meet your daily protein needs. 

Perfect Protein Source For Vegetarians

As mentioned earlier, whey protein has a complete profile of amino acid. It is necessary for muscle growth, and that’s why it is preferred by most athletes, bodybuilders, and professional trainers. It is a boon for vegetarians as there are very few vegetarian foods that provide lean protein, food which is high on protein and low on carb and fat. This is the reason why whey protein becomes important for vegetarians. 

Besides weight loss and muscle strength, whey protein offers various health benefits, including elevated insulin level, reduces blood pressure, improves immunity, manages stress, and provides antioxidants in the body. 

Right Way To Consume Whey Protein Powder 

Want to know how to consume whey protein? It is easy, all you have to do is mix a one scoop of whey protein in 150-200 ml of water, skimmed milk or beverage of your choice. Shake it or blend it for 30 to 40 seconds until you get a thick and creamy consistency. 

The right time to consume it in the morning, post workout, in between meals or before going to bed. Increase in dosage can be done as per your training intensity. 

 But make sure to invest in a quality protein like Ronnie Coleman whey protein, MyProtein whey protein, MuscleBlaze whey protein and much more.