In Australia, each year, more than one million vehicles are sold. But do they look the same as they were in the showroom after a few months? If not, why is that? If there is some way to maintain that original sheen, most people will give anything to get it. The good news is that there is a cost-effective way to achieve the effect. Paint protection products are not an answer known by many. It is a highly efficient way to protect cars. 

 A paint protection film is like a clear-protective layer over the car’s original paint job to help maintain its look. It is made of a thermoplastic substance, which is durable and efficient. It can protect one’s car from chipping, scratches, and other contaminants.

To shortly sum up it can mainly aid in 

  1. Cosmetic enhancement of a vehicle
  2. Improve durability

            It is possible to apply the protection film over the entire car. Mostly, it is used to cover painted surfaces. Mirrors and headlights also can be given the same protection. 


  • Urethane film:- Ideal for regular use cars. 
  • Matte/ frozen finish film:- To give a car a total makeover with a different finish or protect the original finish. 
  • Interior protection:- It is used for car interiors to keep them safe from minor damage. Covers areas like the inside of doors and window controls. 
  • Thick film:- It offers thick protection that is ideal for trucks, rigs, etc. It is suitable for off-roading and industrial-use vehicles. 
  • Temporary protection:- One can apply this without professional help. 


  1. Safeguard Original Shine:

 Imagine a brand new car in the showroom. It is shiny and has a rich coat of glimmering paint. But within just a few days, it loses all this factory-finish and looks lacklustre. The colour change is due to pollution and scratches on the surface of the car. 

 When one covers their car with paint protection, it forms a protective barrier against the elements. Be it a matte or frozen finish, the vehicle will still look great after months. The urethane film is practically invisible and enhances the original sheen, and prevents damage. 

2. Retains Resale Value:

It is not a secret that good-looking cars have high demand in the used-cars market. No matter how good it performs in the test run, if a buyer is not satisfied with the way it looks, the car may stay on sale for much longer than needed. 

All buyers desire to have a car that looks fine even if it has been used. Paint protection covers unsightly damage and increases the resale value tremendously. If the vehicle seems old and worn down, its value takes a beating, and the seller might have to go home with less cash than expected. The protection film also offers self-healing features that gradually make flaws less obvious. 

One never knows when they might buy a new car in exchange for an old one. The profit from the old one can help one get the care they desire. 

3. Easy Cleaning:

            PPF helps to keep away from the issue of dust buildup. The film is designed to resist dullness caused due to dust. A quick wipe down with a soft cloth is enough to make the car look polished. 

4. Protection From The Elements:

             The sun’s harmful rays can be highly damaging to the original paint job. Protecting the car with an additional barrier prevents the UV rays from causing damage.


            Opting for paint protection will arguably be the best decision one makes for their favourite car. Apart from the several benefits mentioned already, the film also gives the car protection from harmful chemicals it may be exposed to while cleaning. 

Author Bio

Zoya Marium is a Freelance Writer and Social Media Manager who helps finance professionals and Fin-tech startups build an audience and get more paying clients online.