Why Is A 2-Carat Diamond More Expensive Than A 1 Carat?

The splendor of two-carat diamonds is mesmerizing to see. They are prominently displayed on her finger as well as draw everyone’s interest to herself. She excitedly exhibits her magnificent jewel to all of her friends and family, and you get the opportunity to proudly stand by and see it all. On the other hand, when it comes time to purchase a diamond, you might be astonished at how much a 2-carat diamond costs. Caution: Two-carat diamonds are generally more expensive than one-carat diamonds in terms of dollar value.

Given that a 1-carat diamond costs around $4,000, it would seem reasonable that a 2-carat diamond would cost approximately $8,000…right? Unfortunately, the pricing of diamonds does not operate in this manner.

When I wrote my earlier explanation, I left off the fourth “C,” which stood for the carat weight. The carat weight of something like a diamond has a considerable influence on the price of the diamond. The rarity of a diamond increases in direct proportion to the size and carat weight of the diamond. This is due to the fact that locating a suitable piece of raw materials to cut into a stunning 2 carat stone is significantly more difficult than locating material to make lesser diamonds of the same weight and size.

Prices for diamonds are not always easy to understand because of the complex factors that govern them. For example, you could expect a $4,000 1 carat diamond to cost $8,000 as a 2 carat stone, and a 3-carat diamond to cost $12,000, and so on. However, as previously stated, the uniqueness of a diamond grows in proportion to the magnitude of the diamond’s carat weight. The price of a stone climbs considerably as the carat weight of the stone increases. Try searching for the Pawn Jewelry In Miami, FL online, who can provide you with the best diamond. 

While it makes sense to measure the weight of diamonds in order to determine their size, when a diamond is used in an engagement ring, we as customers only get to see the portion of the stone that seems to be visible from the top of the setting, which is just a small portion of the stone. If we have two diamonds of the same weight and brightness, the one with the bigger visible surface area should be the more beautiful stone because it seems larger to the naked eye when compared to the other.

Which is more important: color or clarity?

Diamond purchasing is all about making small tradeoffs in order to maximize the criteria that are most important to you. Whether that means purchasing the largest diamond possible or the highest quality stone possible (or somewhere in between) is a matter of personal preference that each buyer must determine for themselves. It’s important to understand that going one grade lower in clarity will save you less money than going one grade lower in color. This is something you should consider before starting your investigation into tradeoffs. Consider the fact that, above a certain point, no one will be able to tell the difference between an absolutely flawless diamond and an exceptionally good one without the aid of a magnifying lens or another diamond of substantially greater grade to which to compare it. We normally recommend that you begin your search at I color and VS2 clarity and that you always check to see how the diamond market appears for better or worse colors and clarities, as well as requesting videos and photographs of each diamond you are interested in purchasing during your search. You can find such quality diamonds at Pawn Jewelry In Miami, FL. 

A one-carat diamond ring is among the most common carat sizes for an engagement ring, and one-carat oval diamonds are readily accessible in a variety of shapes and sizes. The cut with one-carat diamonds is a standard carat size cut that is in great competition in the market, which means you will always be able to discover a wide selection of 1-carat oval diamonds from which to pick.

An oval diamond weighing 2 carats will be a whole different storey. With the growth in the size of diamonds, they have become increasingly uncommon. This is due to the fact that it is rare to locate diamond rough that is huge and of such excellent quality that a combined with excellent diamond may be generated throughout the cutting process.

When all of the 4Cs are equal, the price difference between a 1 carat and a 2-carat oval diamond will be the most significant. That’ll be the case with every diamond due to the fact that they are priced per carat, with a larger increase in price with each entire additional carat added. Doubling the carat weight of a diamond will almost certainly triple the price of the diamond, if not even more, depending on the strength of the diamond.

As with any diamond, there are trade-offs you may make decisions based on your objectives and your budget. For example, a natural 1 carat oval diamond with D color and VVS2 clarity will sell for around $6,500. In order to get a 2-carat diamond with much the same budget, one has to reduce the quality to an M color, SI1 clarity diamond, which would be a diamond with visible coloration on the surface. If you are planning to buy the best quality diamond, then consider Pawn Jewelry In Miami, FL.