Why Do You Need Web Analytics Tool Other Than Google Analytics?


Digital marketing is becoming more and more popular as technology is improving. Especially during the corona pandemic, most of the businesses shifted their services to online portals. So, they need to track their business performance online through various web analytics tools.

There is no doubt that Google Analytics is a very popular and powerful free web analytic tool. Almost every web owner integrates Google analytics on his or her website and gets the advantage of this software.

The question arises here that when Google Analytics is a powerful free web analytic software then why we need another tool? The answer is simple. It is powerful, but not perfect. There is some space for improvement in every tool so does Google analytics. It lacks a few features which allow another web analytic software to get the customers.

Let’s check a couple of examples where Google Analytics fails:

Bounce Rate: Google analytics counts the bounce rate on the basis of the number of page views. Due to this, it counts the bounce rate if a person doesn’t visit a second page of the website. Whether he stays on that page for 15 seconds or for 2 minutes, it counts it as a bounce which is not good. About 60 to 70% of visitors just visit one page as they find their required information on that particular page.

Social Media Traffic: Google Analytics doesn’t provide useful information about social media traffic. It sometimes considers the traffic from social media as direct traffic. Moreover, it doesn’t provide the information about which posts are providing you the traffic, so you can’t improve your posting on social media based on Google Analytics report.

Call To Action Clicks: It doesn’t provide separate information about the call to action clicks which are the most important factor of an SEO campaign. For example, who clicked on the mailto action button, skype button, telephone button, and so on.

Other Best Web Analytic Tools

So, now you would like to know which tools can replace the Google analytic tool and can provide you the best information that can help you in understanding your website traffic and user behavior.

Here I have listed a few tools that are good:

  • HotJar Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Matomo
  • Amplitude
  • and last, but not least, Komito Analytics

All these tools are good and have their own pros and cons. The best thing is that you can use these tools alongside Google Analytics. So you can use the power of Google Analytics with the smartness of the above-mentioned tools.

In the tools listed above, Komito Analytics is an open-source tool that can provide various information which many other tools don’t provide.

Integration of Komito Analytics on your website is very easy. Most of the blogs and business sites are built in WordPress, so you can download a WordPress plugin as well to integrate this tool on your site.

There are many other ways as well that you can learn from their official website and can download the source code as well.