Why AR Clothing Try-On is Nearly Here

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Banuba web AR is an augmented reality application that is widely used by apparel manufacturers and retailers. Its main advantages include the possibility to try on the products in a digital form. Practical implementation of this task is much more challenging than the presentation of beauty products and accessories. When installing Banuba web AR, keep in mind that the face-tracking software is taken as the basis. It is supplemented with background filters. The color range of the garments can be closely approximated to the real one. 

According to experts,  in the near future, digital commerce will overtake retail sales with the help of software-based solutions and their virtual tools. The outcome of the above will be a contemporary fashion industry that connects manufacturers and end consumers. Customers will be more willing to buy goods without actually trying them on. 

The augmented reality experience with Banuba web AR

The web-based Augmented Reality is used to create a virtual fitting room. Customers will be able to have a look at the stylish garments of desired design from the comfort of their own homes. The next task is to match the right size of the items. One of the advantages is the interaction with the items. Customers get almost the same experience as when they visit a real store. 

When the software is developed, images of the real bodies of customers are used that have been previously scanned. This is the very feature that ensures that the customer will get a realistic view of how the selected items fit him or her. There are also fitting recommendations provided in addition to the information about the sizes.

The application makes it possible for computer-generated images to be superimposed on the real world. According to Statista, in 2021 the total turnover of online stores reached 31 billion USD. Within three years, it could increase nearly tenfold. Sellers do their best to make the most of it. For example, there is no need to rent retail space for stores in prestigious areas. As a result, money is saved. Courier delivery services can be arranged to make sure that customers have the most convenient shopping experience. 

A survey has been conducted among buyers, which will be of interest to product sellers and software developers. About 47% of respondents acknowledge the convenience associated with the introduction of immersive technologies. They make it possible to feel a connection with the product being purchased. The consumer gets to know the product firsthand, rather than trying to visualize it (based on their imagination and aptitude for creativity). 

The virtual fitting technology is obviously of interest. The customer will only need a camera capable of capturing him or her completely. The customer is displayed on the screen in real-time wearing the selected garment. It is also possible to see how a girl wearing a dress or a guy wearing a suit looks while dancing. The garments are clearly visible without a physical fitting.

Web-based Augmented Reality: advantages and methods of use

Web browser augmented reality supports Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. There are four advantages of this software.

  1. Background. The image can be modified smoothly by making it blurry.
  2. Lips. Appropriate lipstick texture can be used (matte or glossy).
  3. Hair. Color changes through all the hair strands. There is also a wig effect available.
  4. Faces. They can be recognized and traced.

After installing the software, an add-on can be used. For instance, various beauty effects are introduced. Vendors need to train staff that will work with the application. Employees can be introduced to AR features during social calls and work meetings. 

Sellers need to use differentiation before launching a product. It is important to exclude pricing. For this purpose, it is enough to provide a detailed explanation that another product is not suitable for a particular customer. For example, there are items of large sizes on sale. If there is no adequate replacement ( in the customers’ opinion), there is a high probability that the product of a particular brand will be bought. 

The product launch following the introduction of augmented reality becomes more exciting. Garments can be demonstrated to a potential customer without costly delivery. Customers are less distracted when they are immersed in the virtual world after business hours, at weekends, or in their other free time. This makes the merchandise being evaluated more thoroughly. 

Best web AR platform: options to choose from 

It is recommended to have a look at the best web AR platforms before choosing the appropriate software. The top ten include applications developed by leading companies. 

  1. WorldCast. This is a well-known and reputable studio. Its employees have been developing augmented reality for quite a while. It includes magnification of objects, interactive printing, and location tracking.
  2. View AR. This is one of the best tools for product visualization. Users are provided with a variety of options to digitize a product for its further sale.
  3. Easy AR. In addition to augmented reality, there are a number of other benefits. They include the recognition of 3D objects, the ability to record the screen, and the availability of a hardware decoder.
  4. Gravity Jack. This software developer focuses on augmented reality. Its products are used by world-famous brands, including Coca-Cola, OREO, Bloomberg, Kraft Heinz, Ford Motor, and GOJO.
  5. Zappar. This is a creative development studio with a unique set of tools, for instance, ZapWorks and ZapBox. Key solutions make it easier for manufacturers to keep track of what they’re designing in particular. 
  6. AWE. This design studio develops applications that are compatible with cell phones (including smartphones and tablets). A platform supporting the generation of mixed reality is being introduced.  
  7. Blippar. The company focuses on computer vision solutions. They are suitable for printing and advertising. Images and other objects can be tracked and recognized. Scanning makes it easier for users to find videos and two-dimensional images. 
  8. XR. This is a cloud-based solution without coding. It is used to create 3D content. There are options that make it possible to detect motion. It is easier to view images on websites. 
  9. 8th Wall. This is a cross-platform solution with augmented reality. It works online and is compatible with computers and cell phones. There is a cloud-based code editor, as well as templates that can be used with Image Targets and World Tracking. 
  10. Geenee AR. This company develops computer vision. It produces programs for spatial computing. It creates interactive products that extend human capabilities.  

Banuba Face AR is considered to be the best option. This technology is based on facial recognition. The application is suitable for developers that produce and release add-ons for their users. There are filters that enable the following features:

  • background animation effects;
  • makeup with matte or glossy lipstick;
  • jewelry items made of precious metals or high-end accessories. 

The software can be tested directly in the browser. JavaScript code is required for operation. In addition to text overlays, scripts are also supported. Users can make modifications to ready-made templates. 

Banuba web AR: summary

You can explore web-based AR examples. Some of these innovations are used by Banuba. Augmented reality is used to retain old customers and attract new ones. Clothes are tried on remotely with the help of the appropriate software. You can see how this or that product will look. You don’t have to leave your home to do this. Afterward, a decision is made as to the appropriateness of the purchase. 

If customers are happy with the goods, they are satisfied. The likelihood of a new purchase increases. The software enables online store owners to increase revenues. Potential buyers try on things in the evening (on weekends or any other free time). They choose goods that they are absolutely satisfied with.