Why a laptop or notebook computer in 2021?

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A laptop or notebook computer is simply a small portable, lightweight personal computer with an all-in-one form factor, usually having a high-density LCD or LED screen either attached to the front of the unit, or located on the inside of its lid. The laptop is often referred to as a tablet PC, because it behaves like a tablet computer that can be used just like a real tablet PC, except with the mobility. The best laptop brands generally offer a USB cord and a battery. One benefit to the small size of a laptop is that it is very convenient for carrying around, as it weighs much less than an equivalent desktop PC. The laptop’s battery life is typically limited to a few hours of operation at the most.

Laptops generally use higher resolution screens than their desktop counterparts. While laptops generally come with their default graphic card, you can upgrade to a higher graphics card if so desired. Laptops can also have a large display, much like a tablet PC. The main benefit of a laptop over a notebook, is that the operating system, software, and security updates are almost always included in the purchase price of a laptop over a desktop. Notebooks tend to be more expensive when starting out, but have longer service warranties.

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Laptops generally have no external components, such as a mouse, keyboard, or monitor. Connectivity is via a USB port on the side or top of the laptop, rather than through a wireless card. Because a laptop runs on one main battery, rather than a series of smaller ones, laptops are not as prone to having dead batteries. For those who enjoy traveling with their laptop, this is excellent news. Notebooks are commonly referred to as “puppy laptops.” Because of their lightweight, they are easy to carry around. Unlike most other laptops, notebooks range in size from just three inches to seven inches. Notebooks also do not use hard disks or solid state drives.

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They are portable

Notebooks are popular because of their portability factor. Although they do not contain the same hard drive space or memory storage as desktop computers, they are very portable. You can easily take a notebook with you on business trips or even weekend getaways. The mobility offered by laptops makes them attractive to many consumers. In fact, many people consider it a necessity for them to own a laptop now that they can take their work with them wherever they go.


One downside to buying a laptop is the price. Notebooks start at about $500. Most buyers expect to pay at least five hundred dollars for a laptop. For some, this is still too much. There are ways around this issue. Some notebooks, including some made by the aforementioned Dell, have special deals and discounts available to buyers who buy directly from the company.

Notebooks are not without their disadvantages. They are heavy and usually cannot be carried around without the assistance of a car or another object. Their weight makes it difficult to type using the standard keyboard. If you need extensive typing abilities, you might find it impossible to use a standard laptop computer. Also, unlike desktops, laptops do not come with the option of an extended warranty. In short, purchasing a laptop is not cheap.

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In summary, laptops offer many benefits. Their compact size, lightweight, and ease of use make them desirable devices. However, they come with their share of disadvantages. Before deciding if laptops are right for you, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of your lifestyle and expectations.