Which book is the best for the NID exam?

Which book is the best for the NID exam?
Which book is the best for the NID exam?

NID (B.Des.) Entrance Books and Test Series by AFAINDIA is indeed one of the most preferred books. Specifically, about Aptitude sections, the NID DAT book by R.S. Aggarwal will be a good option.

Apart from these, Basic Rendering from Robert W.Gill is a good suggestion as well. There are many who prefer Design drawing by Francis D.K.Ching also. However, a book is not essential to be about theories; one must consider books for mock tests as well. In this context, NID Mock Test Series 2021 by Bhanwar Rathore and NID Alumni Ahmedabad will be a good idea.

Apart from the study concepts and mock tests, one must follow books for the entrance exams as well. In this context, NIFT/NID/IIFT entrance exam guides are useful. Specifically, the NIFT/NID/IIFT entrance exam guide by Surendra can be a great recommendation. Apart from this, a whole lot of people refer to the NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Exam Guide by RPH Editorial Board as well. Similarly, NIFT, NID, IIFT Entrance Examination by Dharmendra Mittal can be an excellent pick as well.

Tips for selecting the best book for NID DAT

NID DAT 2021 examination is quite tricky in nature. In this context, one needs to have clarity regarding the books to refer to. After all, it is just impossible to prepare well unless there is a proper book available for the same. However, most people don’t actually understand how to identify the right book. The following aspects can be useful on this matter.

First of all, make sure that the book you select is of the most recent edition. After all, it is meaningless to follow a book that is not up to date. Maybe the contents of an old edition remain the same as the new on some occasions. But, there remains every possibility for the contents to differ. In the end, it’s the information that matters the most for a candidate to score well.

Ease of understanding

Often, there remains competition among the writers to write books in a tougher way to take credit. However, when it comes to books for examinations, such ideas are worthless. Specifically, the candidates should not go for tough books that they can’t understand. It’s absolutely foolish going with tough books just because someone else buys the same. In short, they should opt for easy-to-understand books. Moreover, the book needs to be comprehensible in order to read. Unless the book is easy, it is just impossible to have clarity regarding the subject contents. Not just the words, but the book needs to be easy for practicing as well.      

Check out the syllabus

When it comes to books for competitive examinations, one must refer to the syllabus. In this context, make sure that the book you select contains everything as it is there in the syllabus. Often, people just check the content or topic name of the book and that in syllabus. But, this is often not the right strategy as the content might differ. Specifically, such mistakes occur when someone selects the books of new or unknown publications. Hence, one must only emphasize having books of the most reputed authors from top publications. In this context, one may refer to what the others do refer to.

Book having previous year questions

It is extremely important to go with the books containing questions from previous years. Undoubtedly, the probability of scoring gets higher when someone practices the previous year’s questions well. Good news is that the books of top publications contain questions of previous years. Hence, one must specifically look for this aspect while selecting the book.

For referring books

It’s not rare for students to have reference books regarding the preparation of NID examinations. In this context, most students opt for reference books from top coaching centers. In fact, there are some centers conducting an examination, or mock examinations also offer reference books. However, one should not just go with any of these random coaching centers. Rather, it is crucial to go with only the NID DAT institutes for best result.    Selection of the right NID DAT book is crucial from many aspects. Specifically, it is useful for understanding the exam pattern of NID DAT 2021. Similarly, selection of the right book makes things easier for following the syllabus as well. Unless the right book is there, it simply gets impossible to focus on the key topics in relation to the exam. Anyway, following the above abstracts, one can indeed find the right book for his.