A candy buffet is a beautiful display of delicious candies that are designed to complement the color or theme of your event. The candy buffet can be used to decorate dessert tables, or it can be offered to guests to make them take their own personalized party favors. Candy buffets not only offer a variety of crowd-pleasing sweet treats, but they’re also a conversation starter, as guests mix and mingle, looking, tasting, and sharing memories of their favorite candies.

One of the first decisions that you should make about your candy buffet is its color scheme. If you are not good with colors, you can go for a monochromatic theme. Candy buffets look more stylish when some thought is put into it. You can match your candy buffet to the party’s color theme, and it will add spark to the entire event.

Don’t restrict your creativity while decorating your candy buffet. You can use confetti, ribbons, garlands or even cute toy animals to make an excellent addition to the table.

You can choose a variety of flavors and types of candies for your buffet. Candies can be ordered from many websites or purchased from a grocery or party store.

One of the best parts of a candy buffet is that there are no strict guidelines for how it must look. It looks great with jars, bowls and trays of different sizes, shapes and colors. This means that you can use any display ware and materials that you want to use. You can be more creative to choose the container or buffet to hold the candy. Keep in mind that the pattern and color of the container allow the vibrant colors of the candy to be fully visible.

Things to remember :

  • Avoid too much visual chaos
  • Brightly colored candies look great
  • Buy one filler candy that can be used as a base for other candies
  • Keep things in symmetrical order
  • Mix candies in containers
  • Avoid tall containers
  • Avoid containers that doesn’t have a wide mouth
  • Avoid filling all the way to brim, it can cause spilling
  • Avoid breakable serving ware