When Are You Most Likely To Get Pregnant?


There are many couples trying hard to conceive a baby. Among those, there are few who are quite encouraged; however, there are some who panic. In case, if you are not a lucky wife to get pregnant yet, there is no need to worry much about it. It is a general saying that mental feeling has physical effects.

If you react negatively and get into depression for not getting succeeded, there is a possible likelihood that the most suitable advice will not bring the desired results. Therefore, the first thing to ponder on is the positive behavior and the sense of feeling that things will get better sooner or later.

The health status of the couple also plays an important role in getting pregnant early.

Get Medical Help

You can consult the related doctor who helps the couples through medical help. It is essential to get in mind that you are not the only one in this entire world going through this situation. There are thousands of people who can be accessed easily online with similar circumstances.

Now the question comes that when are you most likely to get pregnant? The best answer is that the right time when you get the maximum chance of getting pregnant is when you have a positive approach and true belief that you can be a mother and have a baby.

Albeit, the right time to get pregnant is the ovulation date and few days before the ovulation date. For this, it is vital to have a calendar check regarding the menstrual cycle. In this way, within few months a properly tracked schedule can be achieved.

How Periods Affects to Get Pregnant

In this, you have to check the number of days in between two consecutive periods. In a general situation, there is a twenty-eight days cycle but it is not mandatory that every cycle lasts for the same number of days.

The menstrual cycle next phase is the luteal phase that starts with the development of the corpus luteum. The process accomplishes as pregnancy or getting luteolysis.

Check these development stages of a newborn bay.

If a successful pregnancy occurs, then the corpus luteum plays the role of constantly releasing progesterone hormone that stimulates the proliferation of endometrial lining so that the shredded endometrium during menstruation gets prepared for implantation of the embryo. Success rates of pregnancy are higher during the high fertility phase, that is pre-ovulatory and ovulatory phase.

A cycle has different phases and the major hormone responsible for the pregnancy. That is progesterone is much higher in the luteal phase as compared to other phases. The normal duration of this phase is 14 days. The Luteal phase considered inappropriate to get pregnant if it is below 12 days.

From the date of upcoming period, start calculating in the opposite direction so that next ovulation date can be received.

1 Important Question

The question arises; that is there any chance to become pregnant without the ovulating phase? The simple reply is No. Apparently, it is highly important to check the calendar in order to be pregnant.

Before two days of ovulation, it is advisable to have maximum intercourse. No matter if the sperm content in the partner is minimum during those days, intercourse between two days is very important. In most cases, couples have a query regarding the use of various positions of sex to get pregnant. The answer could be yes as well as no as it is not mandatory at all.

All it requires is the in-depth reach of the sperm to arrive towards the eggs quickly. Thus, the chances of conception get maximum in such duration.  From the 7th day onwards of the menstrual cycle, the repair process of endometrial lining starts off as an effort to prepare it in case successful fertilization of the egg by a sperm occurs.

On the other hand, follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone are released from the pituitary gland. It then acts on the ovary and stimulates the process of ovulation on the 12th to 14th day of the cycle.