What Products To Promote With Your Affiliate Home Business?

Deciding which products to promote with your affiliate home business can often be a hard decision. It is one of the most important things to take you from $1k to $5k per month. So, you must take your time in selecting the right kind of product to display to your audience in order to maximize commission. 

Should you promote digitally downloadable products such as those found somewhere such as Clickbank or ShareASale, or maybe, you should go for physical products from one of the other large networks such as Commission Junction or Amazon. You have to determine what market and niche to target and what products your potential customers are looking for?

It can often be a case of “swings and roundabouts” when you try to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of promoting different types of products.

For example, physical goods often tend to convert better than some down-loadable products such as tutorials and ebooks, but the commission on the ebooks can often be as high as 80%. In contrast, with physical products, it’s often between 1-20%. There are many exceptions to this, though, so you really have to take each product as you find them.

Take time to look at the price, average commission rate, Gravity, and also potential conversion percentages.

When deciding what to promote, you can approach it in two different ways, some might tell you that one is better than the other, but they’re both okay to use.

You can research a potential market and try to find an “untapped” niche, then find out what the people really want and source products or services that match their requirements. You’ll often hear people say things like “find a starving crowd and give them what they want,” which sounds like a great idea but is often harder than it sounds?

With so many people involved in affiliate marketing, now it becomes harder to find truly untapped niches. That’s not to say there aren’t any or that there’s too much competition everywhere; you just have to look a little harder and get creative.

The other way to see what to sell is quite simple, just look at what is already selling well for other affiliates and then try to find a way that you can get it on the action to promote a product that’s already a proven seller, just try not to compete for head-on, or it can be hard to get sales. 

One such great indication is offered by the Clickbank in the form of Gravity. It means how many affiliates have made a sale for a particular product. Let’s suppose Affilorama Academy has a gravity of 20 which means 20 affiliates have made a sale in the last three months. 

So, the higher the Gravity, the higher the affiliates are making money in that particular niche. But you can also expect to have higher competition. 

I generally recommend my students to work on 20 to 50 gravity products. This is considered to be an average gravity. These products usually sell very well and also aren’t very competitive. 

One thing that I forget to mention is the niche that you want to promote. Health and Fitness products are really easy to sell because people are crazy about this niche. But you will have to face immense competition. Once you beat and dominate in this competition, you will earn tons of money from your affiliate products, either physical or digital.  

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