What Nobody Knows About The Origin Of CBD

Anywhere you turn, you can see CBD products. For such a minuscule molecule, CBD has generated a lot of attention in recent years. But, most people assume CBD is a new supplement. While CBD has become ubiquitous as a remedy-for-all-diseases and nutraceutical, the history of CBD remains fascinating. To become what it is today, CBD has gone through a captivating journey. Are you interested in tracing the trajectory of CBD? Let’s learn about the fascinating history of this cannabinoid.

About CBD

Before delving deep into the history of CBD, you must understand its importance. CBD or cannabidiol is the chemical compound found in the Cannabis sativa plants. CBD derived from hemp is non-psychoactive as it contains less than 0.3% of THC. THC is the main compound in the marijuana plant, causing a euphoric feeling. CBD can ease several ailments such as-

  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety

CBD has penetrated almost every product you use regularly. But, to get the desired results, you need to choose products from reputable brands. You may wonder about the need to opt for reputed brands. It is because CBD has no official approval from the FDA. So, no regulations govern the manufacturing of CBD products. Hence, you are at risk of purchasing low-quality CBD products that affect your health adversely. Instead, choose high-quality products like oil, gummies, topical lotions, or balms from reputed brands as they offer organic CBD for a memorable experience. You can browse popular CBD products like gummies at Lazarus Naturals

History Of CBD


Harvard-trained chemist Roger Adams gets the credit for the successful extraction of CBD from the Cannabis sativa plant in 1940. Roger Adams remained unaware of the significance of the chemical compound at the time of its discovery. Only years later, he and other scientists realized the importance of CBD and started more research on its benefits. Does it mean people became aware of CBD only in 1940? According to evidence, humans used CBD more than five thousand years ago extensively in the region today we refer to as Romania. One direct source of evidence also indicates the use of cannabis for medical purposes around 400 A.D.

Documented Use Of CBD

It is interesting to note that traditional Chinese medicine uses CBD. For more than two thousand years, Chinese medical practitioners have used CBD to manage medical issues in women. So, it is fascinating to note the use of CBD even before its successful extraction. We can find the documented use of cannabis-derived medication in 2737 B.C. Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung used the natural compound to treat various ailments. He consumed cannabis-infused tea to get relief from ailments such as-

  • Gout
  • Malaria
  • Memory problems
  • Rheumatism

You can also see CBD use documented in the Victorian Era. Researchers believe Queen Victoria used the natural compound to manage menstrual cramps.

CBD Coming To The Limelight

Throughout history, people used cannabis as a therapeutic compound to manage different health conditions. However, during its rise, the modern medical community failed to recognize the effectiveness of CBD due to a lack of concrete scientific evidence. It remained unknown until William B. O’Shaughnessy, an Irish physician and medical researcher published a study. In 1839, he created a frenzy in the medical world with his research shedding light on the cannabis plant’s therapeutic effects. More researchers started to show interest in investigating the medical application of cannabis. O’Shaughnessy, in his controversial study, explored the elementary effects of cannabis. It explained the potential medical applications, specifically its use as an anesthetic. The study is regarded as an important event as it opened the door to discovering various compounds, which we refer to as cannabinoids.


After Roger Adams separated CBD in the lab, other scientists could conduct only limited research. Due to the little knowledge of the cannabinoid structure, scientists failed to understand the biological composition contained within the plant entirely. The partial understanding led to no success as early researchers could not determine the effects of different compounds. It all changed when Professor Raphael Mechoulam successfully identified the stereochemistry of CBD in 1963. He became successful in understanding the effects of individual cannabinoids. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam is known as the father of Cannabis research as he uncovered the potential benefits of using CBD for health ailments.

Future Of CBD


It is unfair to leave the topic without discussing the future of CBD. CBD has a promising future as records indicate an exponential return on investment from the industry. In 2019, the CBD industry grew at a fascinating rate of 700%. The data collected by the Brightfield Group also predicts the market may garner nearly 30 billion dollars by 2023. Several misconceptions regarding the use of CBD still exist. Novice consumers need to garner more information regarding the correct use of CBD to ensure they feel comfortable and empowered. Instead of trying low-quality CBD products, the first-timer user must access high-quality CBD from a trusted source. 


Consumers need to research for the correct information regarding CBD to make the right decision. With wellness sitting on top of the priority list for many people, the use of CBD will grow to greater heights. Like the fascinating origin of CBD, its rise to prominence has left everyone speechless. With the increase in demand, the CBD industry will thrive in the future.