What Memphis Residents Love about Living There


Memphis can be a dream come true if you’re new to the area.  From incredible sights to affordable living, there’s a lot to like.  So what do the locals love about the city?

These are the top things Memphis residents love about living here. 

Fantastic Weather Year Round

Memphis is in that sweet spot of not being too far north for winter and not too far south for the summer!  This means mild winters with only a slight chance of snow and easy summers that won’t leave you feeling boiled the way some southern cities can.

Although Memphis can get plenty of rain and storms in the summer, they’re a welcomed part of living here and are part of what makes the city so fantastic.  

Great Chances At Career Growth

Career growth can be a game changer when you’re planning where to move.  Not only do you need a space that will offer you a job in the field you enjoy, but you need it to have upward mobility so you can grow with it.

Memphis is full of chances for anyone to grow and watch their career shift and change over time.  You’ll love the countless lines of work, from the medical field to communications, and the chance to prove yourself and grow.  

Awesome Entertainment

Entertainment in Memphis is a dream come true!  This city has a roaring music scene unlike anything else and offers music ranging from rock to Phunk and Memphis rap!  These unique stylings ensure you’ll have fresh songs in your mind every day and the chance to be ahead of the curve when music trends start going wild.  People will look to you as a person with great taste if you’re active in the music scene in Memphis!

Affordable and Easy Living

Everything from food and education to Memphis houses for sale is more affordable than the national average!  Although the pay here is also lower, if you work remotely and come here, you can enjoy fantastically cheap accommodations that will ensure you never run out of funds.  This also means you can buy a larger house with more land and possibly start on your next step in life when you’re ready for it. 

A Sense of Community

Although this is a large city, Memphis has the ability to feel like a tight-knit community.  From the support you can find in the local churches to the music scenes and the incredible art scenes, you’ll be able to find people you can feel comfortable and at home with.  This, in turn, will give you the chance to ask for help if you need it or lend a hand when your neighbor needs assistance.  There aren’t many modern cities that feel like a community in this way.

Memphis Will Blow You Away

Memphis is incredible through and through, and you’ll fall in love with it the moment you arrive.  Consider moving here and making this incredible city into your amazing future home. You’ll never regret the choice to move here!