What Makes a Winning Player in Sports

Winning Player in Sports

Discipline and commitment are the key to success in any sport in general and in football in particular. As this leads to every player realizing the size of the duties and responsibilities entrusted to each of them, and thus it improves the level of players and teams at the individual and collective levels, and requires the player’s self-discipline to be always serious in his work and dedication to it and persistent in his training Continuously, even if the player feels that any of his training or health practices are difficult or not to his liking, and it should be noted that self-discipline and commitment are not limited only to the player’s technical performance and career. It will even have a positive impact on his life in general.

Volume 0% Increase in physical fitness Physical fitness is one of the most important factors affecting the performance of a football player; Failure to possess this leads to the player’s inability to move forward in the game and throughout the entire match time. Therefore, the player’s fitness and physical health must be maintained continuously and a plan and training program must be developed to increase the physical capabilities of all parts of the body to the maximum. read more about 먹튀폴리스

There are many Among the tests that are recommended by a football player to constantly check the nature of his physical ability, and these tests include examination of the amount of fat, tests for flexibility of the body in general, back, and hamstrings in particular, in addition to tests to determine the level of strength, speed, and fitness.

Developing technical skills. The development of technical skills in the game of football is important for the player’s progress and development in this sport, and there are many Among the basic skills in football that a player must develop as follows:

Passing: is one of the most important skills that must be available in a soccer player; This skill enables a player to properly transfer the ball to another player on his team. Shooting: It is the primary skill that enables a soccer player to score goals. Dribbling: This skill is the main way to advance the ball across different parts of the field. Goalkeeper: This skill is related to the player who plays as the goalkeeper; Where he can keep the ball away from his team’s goal. To learn about the most important techniques of the game of football, you can read the article on football techniques.

Development of mental abilities The game of football depends on the mental and mental capabilities as much as it depends on the physical abilities As the player’s lack of mental clarity and mental strength may negatively affect his sports performance and on the other side, the player’s possession of good mental abilities and his overcoming the negative feelings that he may feel makes playing football a more enjoyable matter, and there are many important things that he must do The player is concerned with developing them to develop his mental abilities, including focusing on the player’s goals in order to motivate him to reach them, in addition to his focus and attention during match time, and the football player must train on how to reduce his tension so that he is at the utmost level of his focus and feeling relaxed.

To professional levels Playing at higher levels of this sport is one of the best ways to develop a player’s level in football. In the event that the player is a beginner, he can start attending highly professional competitions, or even play against players older than him, faster and with better skills, and at the team level it is possible to organize matches with the higher-level teams located within the town or region in which the team resides or Even in another country, depending on the available capabilities, and it should be noted that the more the player participates in more professional levels, the more he develops in the game.

Knowing the rules of the game The football player must be fully aware of the different rules of the game and its goal, As the goal of football matches is to win by scoring goals in the goal of the opposing team, and the player must know the duration of each half, the duration of extra times and the number of players allowed to be in the lineup of each team in addition to the laws of contact kicks, corner kick, kick-off, and area Which the goalkeeper is allowed to hold the ball in, and other important laws

To learn about the rules and laws of the game of football you can read an article What are the Laws of Football. Building tactics and strategies A soccer player can develop his soccer skills by trying to build his own tactics and strategies; And that is by watching professional matches and then studying the movements of the best players in those matches, and the player should not, while trying to build his own strategy, focus his entire observation on a specific team, but he must see multiple patterns of play so that he benefits from these patterns as much as possible, as well as The football player should know the weaknesses and strengths of his opponent in order to try to limit his strength and work to exploit weaknesses, and the development of such plans must be accompanied by the player’s keenness to play collectively within the same team; Where he must communicate with his team-mates in the best interest of the team.

Try to avoid injuries because they are considered serious matters that may affect the player’s goal in moving forward in the sport of football, and although there are certain types of injuries that can only be eliminated The player has a great role in protecting himself from many injuries that may befall him, and this can be done through many different measures and procedures, such as doing warm-up exercises before playing in addition to wearing protective gear, and other things that the player can do to avoid them.