What makes a successful player in sports


Sport has a wonderful feeling that only those who have persevered in it and made it a part of their life know it. But he who is not used to it finds it heavy, as any of the habits have not yet taken hold. As for the athlete, you wonder how he tire himself, and then feels happy after that. 토토사이트

Know that sports and fitness don’t have one size that will fit all people. And every program or application of the mobile application forces you to form or a certain type of exercise will be useless even if its owner claims that it gives you exercises that suit your goal, your weight, etc. …. Because the problem is more complex than this, and includes various matters within it, such as your life circumstances, your concerns, your time, your desire for what you like and what you do not like from exercises, your health and the level of physical fitness.

After this and that, you need something simple, easy, and outlines or a roadmap or tips to guide you to exercise regularly. You may have more than one way to hit. There are many tips for that, or tell some tricks and tools that we invite you to choose from them what you want, such as the one who chooses what suits him from clothes, because not everything that Zaid admires, Amr may necessarily like.

And don’t forget the general goal and the minimum amount of physical activity you should reach of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. This makes you a goal that you should not fall short of, and it is easy and easy going.

1. Train with a friend or join a group

A person is civil by nature, gets used to and composes, and as it has been said: A person is few in himself, many in his group. You may have a group or team that you train with. Many see this as a kind of fun and encouragement. There are many group classes that you can join, such as aerobic classes, circuit exercises, yoga, walking groups, and bicycles led by a professional trainer who leads the group and prompts it to perform the exercises in the right way. In this case, there is no way to be lazy and pause as if you were alone.

And you may have one companion that trains with you who shares the same goals with you, so as soon as one of them is lazy, he reminds you and encourages you. But you have to choose the right person, in some cases, relying on another person as a motivation is a discouraging reason, so you are dependent on his commitment, and when he stops training, you stop. Sometimes, your best workout buddy may be you.

2. Make sport fun

The advice is often to think about the type, difficulty and time of the exercise. But here I want you to think about your feelings as you practice. Do you feel a sense of pleasure, or is performing the exercise a heavy duty? Make exercise fun, and you are the doctor yourself, they say. One may like walking and no others, as well as weight training. The important thing is to try and choose what you enjoy. Have you tried some sports such as swimming, basketball, tennis, etc.? Did you feel that changing places feels as much fun as practicing in a beautiful place surrounded by a landscape? Do you enjoy hearing anything like music while you practice?

3. Design the program that suits you

Using the four elements: frequency, time, intensity, and type, design the program that works for you. Make it fun for you and make it the center of the sport you enjoy. You may not find the right program on the first try. Experiment and tweak until you get what you want!

4. Plan unexpected events

If you do not plan events such as travel and hot or cold weather, this will affect the regularity of your physical activity. Set up for unexpected events. For example, when traveling, you may mix entertainment with sightseeing and walking.

5. Choose the right time

There is no set exercise time that fits everyone. This varies according to your circumstances, your priorities, and your personal preferences. The external environment may play a role in your timing. For example, on short winter days, the chances of any sporting effort are reduced after work is done. Did you ever think to do your exercises before going to work or school? Can you wake up 15 minutes earlier than you used to, start your day with a bit of exercise, and then continue your day with activity and attention?

6. Choose the right place

Wherever you want, you can train and take your share of exercise, whether it’s at home, outside or in the gym. Physical activity at home is considered a safe and a good option if you do not have the time, and you can also watch television while training at the same time, but you will not be spared from the province because of the children, parents and responsibilities.

As for physical activity outside, it is a great option, and it gives you a feeling of activity and pleasure, especially if you are surrounded by natural places and scenery full of beauty and humanity. But be careful, the weather may spoil your exercise in rainy, windy, heat, humidity, and scattered dust. As for injuries due to improper ground or collision with a human or inanimate objects, they are also possible.

In the gym, you have many options and opportunities to use many machines and machines that target different muscles of the body. There, you can benefit from group training sessions as well as hiring sports coaches and nutritionists to reach your goal and guide you on your journey. It is a good option when the weather does not allow for exercise. Unfortunately, participation in these clubs may not be available for everyone due to financial considerations and you should choose the club carefully.