What Knowledge is Required To be a Locksmith?

how to become a locksmith

There is no university or college that offers an academic qualification or degree that can certify you as a locksmith. But yes, a lot of knowledge, experience, practice, and skills are required to become a professional locksmith.

Obviously, one needs a license to work as a locksmith and this license will be awarded by the relevant state departments. To get that license, you need some working experience and should have a few documents depending on the requirement of your local department.

In this article, we will only talk about what knowledge and skills are required to become a pro local locksmith.

Knowledge of Locks and Their Types

Types of locks

The most important thing that you should know is the different types of locks and how they work. If you have knowledge of only limited types of locks then you can’t become a professional locksmith. You will not be able to complete most of the jobs.

You should know all the things related to British standards about the locks and their working. You need to keep yourself up to date with any changes in these standards. You should also know the lock terminology as it will help when you need to buy different lock-related accessories.

With that, you should also know the working of digital locks, keyless locks and the traditional locks.

Key Cutting Knowledge

Without this knowledge, you can’t call yourself a locksmith. Fixing a lock, or opening a lock with the master key doesn’t make you a locksmith. You should know how to cut the key for the locks whose key has been lost.

Some locks will need you to cut a key manually by hand. While some modern locks will need you to use a special machine to cut a key. A code is also involved in these modern locks, so you should have knowledge of that as well.

With that, the most important thing, you should know what documents you need from the client before you can work for them. You should know that there might be some thieves who can use you to steal a car as reported by The Daily News Times.

Product Knowledge

lock products

For a local locksmith, it is very important to know the local lock products. If you are not able to recognize a product you would not be able to understand the working and technology used in that lock.

So, when you know the product and the code, and you have its knowledge, you would be able to easily unlock that. You should be able to identify lock and padlocks with the manufacturer’s name and their code.

Knowledge of Computerized Car Locks

car lock knowledge

This is a very important thing that you should know. Most of the locksmiths are called when the car owner is locked out because he forgets the keys inside the car or lost the keys in the shopping mall.

Check this guide about situations when people would like to call a car locksmith.

You can’t open the car door by just simple key cutting as these keys are programmed. You should be able to install that program on the duplicate key as well so that it can communicate with the door lock of the car.