What does the PMP Exam Take? Is it Difficult? Or is it Good to Take the Test?

PMP Exam

PMP Certification refers to the certification of project management professionals.

It was initiated by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the United States to strictly assess whether the knowledge and skills of project managers have high-quality qualification certification exams. Its purpose is to provide a unified industry standard for project managers. At present, the certification exams established by the American Project Management Association include PMP (Project Manager) and CAPM (Project Management Assistant). Certification and examination institutions have been established in more than 190 countries and regions around the world.

Now PMI China and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs have launched ACP (AGILE Agile Certification) and PGMP (Program Management Certification), and PBA (Business Analyst) is expected to be implemented at the end of 2016. In the current era of fierce competition, many people who study management majors or who are already engaged in management will consider applying for the PMP exam. Because everyone’s basic situation and the current state of preparing for the exam are different, the final PMP exam fees and costs are different. Yes, then how to reduce the cost of the PMP exam according to your own situation. Candidates must have more than 35 hours of project management PMBOK learning or training experience, and show copies of relevant certificates. With the increase in project work in society, more and more people want to participate in PMP certification, so that they can adapt to the development of the industry and have more qualifications.

So, what are the conditions for PMP certification? Is it difficult to obtain this certification? Next, we will introduce this information to everyone. Through our introduction, we hope to help everyone to take the exam more smoothly. What are the conditions for PMP certification? To participate in the PMP certification, candidates must have more than 35 hours of project management training experience, and the fields involved should cover the nine knowledge areas of the US project management system. On this basis, we divide the qualified candidates into the following two categories: 1.one is the other requires candidates to have a bachelor’s degree or above. In addition, candidates are required to have 4,500 hours of project management work experience within 6 years, and the cumulative project management time must reach 6 months.2. The other is for those who have not reached a bachelor’s degree or below.

The PMP certification party requires candidates to have 7,500 hours of project management work experience, and the cumulative number of months must reach 60 months.

Before getting the PMP certification, many people have such a question, that is, is it difficult to get the certificate? The knowledge of the five major processes of PMP test project management and ten knowledge fields, the difficulty of the test is not very deep, but the Western thinking requires a change of thinking. The test adopts objective multiple-choice questions, a total of 200 questions, of which 25 questions are not counted. Answer time: 9:00~13:00, 4 hours in total. Starting from September 30, 2005, the pass line for freshmen who signed up for the PMP exam was 61% (25 out of 200 multiple-choice questions are randomly checked, that is, 106 questions are answered correctly); however, the examination of the qualifications of candidates will be very strict.

In order to effectively prepare for the PMP exam, you must first determine a few points. One is to concentrate on preparing for the exam, the second is to find a memory method, and the third is to consolidate knowledge points and do many questions. The pass rate of most institutions in the market has reached more than 90%, but the students who pass the same exam are also different. Some organizations may just allow students to write questions indefinitely, the sole purpose of which is to allow students to pass the exam and obtain a certificate. This is a simple process. However, the company will also add practical training and other courses to the learning curriculum to help students experience the project in person and help students integrate. This is definitely not a simple experience. Students are full of expectations for the training courses, but they are also worried that they will not learn well, so when preparing for the exam, it is recommended to read the textbook about two or three times. Because you have chosen the PMP exam, textbooks are still very important to candidates. After all, the content of the exam is mainly aimed at the ten main areas and five main process groups of PMBOK. It is better to read them with interest in the early stages of preparing for the exam. The main purpose of a brief reading of the textbook is to summarize. The best way is to link the content as much as possible with the projects you manage in your actual work, so as to better help yourself digest and absorb knowledge.

In fact, the verification is not difficult. There are professional teachers to explain and the headteacher to supervise the whole process. All you have to do is to cooperate and carefully complete the PMP practice questions and take the PMP mock exam carefully so that you can know how confident you are in the exam.

What is really difficult is to apply what you have learned. I hope that everyone is not researching for the sake of verification. Really practicing this methodology will definitely improve your work efficiency.

Why is the PMP certification authoritative? Why do so many people take the exam again, because it has a professional knowledge system and process, and you need to spend time and energy in the process of learning and take the exam seriously? If you take the PMP certification in this way, it is not a problem for you. It’s difficult because there are many people who apply for PMP certification and pass the exam smoothly. (Learn more about SPOTO 100% pass the PMP exam)

If you have passed the PMP certification, it means that the certification is not impossible to pass, and it is not too difficult to prevent you from taking the test. After all, the most important thing is to spend time and correct learning methods.