What are the reasons for setting up an LLC in Delaware you should observe?

LLC in Delaware
What are the reasons for setting up an LLC in Delaware you should observe?

Choosing a form of organization to run a profitable business is a fairly common problem for entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road.

In order to see which form of organization is the right one for the desired business, the advantages and disadvantages of the two most common forms, the limited liability company (LLC) must be reviewed. The costs and procedures for setting up, the fees and taxes applied to each form of Incorporate company in USA, the limitation of liability, the declarations and other documents that must be submitted to the Tax Office, the accounting requirements and conditions, but also the easiest way to liquidate and dissolve, all they must be weighed judiciously before seeing which legal form of organization suits them best and suits the entrepreneur best.

Undoubtedly, other aspects of a personal nature may also intervene, such as financial resources, managerial skills, business experience, etc., but these are up to each individual.

Why Delaware?

Delaware is one of the 50 states in the United States of America. Delaware is located in the eastern part of the Delmarva Peninsula, between Delaware Bay and Chesapeak Bay, being the second smallest state in the United States (after Rhode Island). 

Reasons to set up an LLC in Delaware:

  • Delaware companies do not pay personal property taxes, intangible property taxes, or sales taxes. In addition, Delaware corporations do not pay income tax if Delaware companies do not operate in the State of Delaware.
  • On the other hand, shares of Delaware companies owned by non-residents are not subject to any Delaware tax.
  • Setting up a company in Delaware does not involve any minimum capital, as in many other states, which require a capital of at least $ 1,000. Thus, Delaware companies can be set up at a low cost.
  • Establishing a company in the state of Delaware is an easy process, as the Delaware Business Register has developed an amicable and easy-to-use process for companies.
  • One person may be both the Representative and the Administrator or Shareholder of a Delaware company. No additional directors are required to serve as a director or representative in a Delaware company. Many other states require at least three people to serve as representatives and administrators.
  • Delaware companies pay low start-up fees. Delaware companies can be formed even without visiting the state of Delaware, and Delaware company meetings can be held anywhere, not necessarily in Delaware.
  • The establishment of a company in the state of Delaware also benefits from legal advantages because the companies in Delaware have their own commercial court, the Delaware Court of Justice, which specializes only in company law. As a result, Delaware companies can rely on a well-established legal system that adopts predictable sentences.
  • Delaware companies are a major source of revenue for the state, so if you form a company in the state of Delaware you will benefit from a favorable business environment.
  • Delaware companies pay an annual franchise fee, which is among the lowest in the country.

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