What are the best dog breeds to own in San Francisco, CA?

dog breeds
dog breeds

Dogs! Who doesn’t love them? Ranging from all colors and all the cuteness you can put in a living organism, dogs possess many abilities and qualities due to which human beings have made them their best friends. Dogs come in many varieties. It gets hard to choose from such a long list of breeds! However, 360° Dog Walker, a San Francisco based dog boarding company has helped us compile a list of the best dog breeds to won in San Francisco. So, let’s not waste time and get right down to business.

San Francisco, Paradise city for dogs

If you’ve arrived at this article then surely you’re one of the people who already live in San Francisco or will be moving soon. San Francisco loves dogs so much that in 2013 Animal Planet announced this city has Number One dog-loving city, also SmartAsset announced the same in 2016. Filled with beaches, shops to buy dog food, dog bakeries, spas, dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, and workplaces. Other than that, you can easily find off-leash parks for your dogs when you go out for a walk.

Top 5 Dog breeds in San Francisco, CA

Golden Retriever

Starting with the most loved and common breed in San Francisco, this breed is not too big, not too small, lying in between this dog can be easily owned by people who are buying a dog for the first time. You can take this water-loving dog to any of the off-leash beaches near you for a lot of fun!


Cute name, cute dog. This breed is filled with joy and due to their small size, you can carry them anywhere you want. As they are small, they also eat less, which makes it comfortable for most of the people to feed them easily, as it gets easier to serve them with a small packet of liquid gravy rather than dogs who require a big bowl filled up with carefully extracted food. 


Less house space but wanted a big-sized dog? Well, this breed got you covered! They come in 3 different sizes, suited for people living in suburbs to people living in apartments. This breed is a perfect cross between a poodle and a golden retriever. They sustain the body of the poodle but still have the biggest factor from the golden retriever, their color!


Same as a Goldendoodle, this dog breed also comes in different shapes and sizes. Mutt is a friendly, lovable, and minimalistic-looking dog who is out on a search for finding best friends and offers them their complete loyalty. 

Terrier Mix

You must have noticed that dogs in movies, most of the time are playing and are always active, fueled up with energy. This breed is the same as those dogs! They are dogs brought straight up from the movies. As San Francisco is filled up with off-leash parks and areas, you can take your dog out for getting fresh as well as unleash their energy into the wild!

The list goes on forever! There are over 100’s of breeds, loved by the people of San Francisco. Be sure to choose wisely or you might end up with a dog from which you expected more or got less. Dogs never complain! But you may do, that’s why perform a good search and get your new best friend immediately.