What are different B2B Analytics tools?

Google analytical tool is used to analyze B2B Analytics tools measure and understand different website content. This is a well-known data analysis tool to find out who is finding your content and what they do when they arrive there. It holds the answer to many business-related questions different type of Analytics alternative tools is used nowadays.


It is a real-time website data platform that provides a limited quantity of analysis but intends to generate leads from your website traffic to exploit the potential of marketing campaigns.

It reveals contact and business information “B2B Analytics tools” behind unknown Google analytics metrics. The key purpose of this website is to identify the business for lead generation.


It is a website analytic reporting tool. Whatagraph communicates on metrics that are important to the business. It provides a clean visual platform to report and display information about business and trading. It is another Analytics alternative tool.


This analyzing tool gives feedback to the visitors and gives B2B Analytics tools experience to its users it helps to analyze traffic data.

It offers a range of splendid features such as advanced heat mapping, visitor session recording, conversion analysis, and feedback tools to collect targeted data.


This web tool simplifies the data analysis process it’s a genuine alternative to Google Analytics. It has an automatic event tracking individual visitor data, advanced funnels, marketing attribution


Website content analysis is a very important feature for flourishing your work. This tool helps businessmen in content analysis for their official pages and ads.


This web tool helps business men by providing different pathways of trading this tool helps in attaining online subscribers and traffic to clients web pages.


It is the best analytic tool for ‘B2B Analytics tools‘ commercializing your work. This is one tool it provides you amazing features. It is a complete inbound sale and marketing hub. It can measure traffic and conversions and also do revenue analysis.