We Restrict Loving in a Variety of Ways.

Love has a habit of letting one feel that it is slowly disintegrating. The small battles, the small gaps, and the small inability to trust lead us to believe that our hearts are eroding one tiny shattered fragment at a time. You both drift off into your own desert, and if you don’t grab each other’s hands, you’ll lose track of each other until the guy you were once so close to is nothing more than a speck of light in the distance. Since life either draws you together or pulls you apart, it can all happen when you sleep next to the person at night.

People say you can lose yourself in passion, but they don’t tell you that you can also lose each other, that you can kiss without feigning indifference.

We don’t always love from our souls. We love because we have a desire. We don’t keep track of who the other person is; we keep track of who we expect them to be. That behind the apparent incompatibilities is a human being with a fragile heart yearning to be felt. We adore our masks, but we despise our flaws. As a result, we ask another human to do the same. We just see their outside, our own projection of who they are based on our own perceptions accrued over time. We think we love them for who they are, so how could love have an inverse if we were genuinely vulnerable with each other? How could passion possibly be absent?

We actually assume there are limits to our passion. This is a deeply ingrained and pervasive conviction that we bring with us. We believe that love has a beginning and an end. We say we’re in love, out of love, or finished loving, implying that the amount of love we have to give and receive is finite, and that we should use it all up. We blame our difficulties on our predicament, on life’s inequity. We believe that if we are alone, we are unloved. We can’t see that the one constant feature of loves is that it is infinite.

Love is an invisible, unfathomable sun. It is intensely thought, but it is uncontrollable. It’s similar to religion in that you know it’s true.

We can be with someone and forget that the love we have for them does not erode, that our hearts do not need to be regenerated because they were never shattered. It may seem that way: the difference between two humans may seem to be too great, but there is none between two souls. There is something we overlook. We ignore that our human desire to classify, categorize, and box ourselves in limits our ability to love. We are not without love; we have actually overlooked that loves is immeasurable and ever-present. Our desire to satisfy our worries and the symptomatic ways in which we do so implies that we are not without love.

This is what I refer to as the soul power. There is a human potential and a spirit capacity in each of us.

The reality is that we float in and out of each other’s lives for a variety of reasons, but we never leave because we don’t love each other. And there is never a time when there isn’t passion. Whatever relationship you’re in, it’ll eventually fall apart and it’s the inevitable end of it. Your soul’s purpose for being together has been fulfilled. So what about love? Love is the unbreakable bond between two people. Loves are the limitless light that surrounds us if we just care to look for it.