Want to Combine Western Wear with Modern Jewellery? Here’s Your Guide

If we talk about Indian fashion, there’s currently a buzzword you can hear almost everywhere now. And that word is – Fusion wear. Everyone has their unique choices about how they want to look. Hence, the jewellery and apparel combination they select is different as well. As fusion designs are all the talks now, the people seem to grab the ones that suit them and look good on them. The traditional outfits such as lehengas and kurtas are not only evergreen but at the same time, people’s affection towards them hasn’t been diminished. Even though those traditional apparel and ornaments such as heavy necklaces and oxidized silver earrings were already very enthralling, a bunch of designers here and there strived hard to offer them a touch of modernity.

A great number of people now Google and buy larimar rings online. And many of them prefer it because they combine both the elegance of the past and the charm of modern times together. The last couple of years were just the stepping stones for the evolution period of traditional wear and jewellery. Now people don’t buy jewellery to wear just one time and get on with it. They want something that has more of a chic appeal and can be worn on several occasions, at any time, and with all the outfits. A few years ago, traditional jewellery was meant to be worn with only sophisticated outfits and the same went for chic jewellery. However, the times have changed now. And the people don’t want to get bound with any type of restrictions whether it comes from western wear or the Indian one.

When we talk about contemporary jewellery, that is suited for both Indian and Western wear, then our collection is what every fashionista would prefer. It can be styled all the ways you can think of. No matter whether you prefer to go with any kind of outfit, our collection of women’s black stone rings will suit all your needs.

From Hindu Gods to Greek Gods, from royalties to mere peasants, and from today’s school girls to aged women, everyone has always seemed to be very infatuated with jewellery. Our stunning collection of various designs are inspired not only by nature but also the changing people’s choices as well. Our exquisite set of traditional heavy earrings is just as outstanding as a swan in a flock of crows. On the other hand, our sterling silver necklace designs are created by keeping into mind the choices of the people of modern times. And the collection is so vast that no matter whether you want multi-stone ornaments or single stone one, you will definitely find something that suits your needs.

Sometimes, it becomes very tough to pair the right outfit with the right jewellery especially during certain instances such as going to work or a dance party. In the office, you can’t always wear very bulky, chic, or heavy ornaments. On the other hand, at a dance party, you need jewellery that is not only lightweight but also is not dangling very much. But these principles don’t work well with family gatherings or weddings. Those are the occasions you want to flaunt your looks to the best. And hence, you might be looking for oxidized silver-toned or oxidized gold-toned jewellery.

Color combination is also very important. For example, a black stoned chic necklace won’t go along well with a green color traditional saree. Why? Because green and black are both contradicting colors and it’s tough to wear them together. What you actually want is to dive more into the vast depth of colors. Red and black, black and white, and blue and black are three color combinations that complement each other really well.

Choosing between regular sterling silver and oxidized silver and yellow gold and oxidized gold is another tough task. But you don’t have to worry about these very much. Because that’s the actual beauty of oxidized jewellery. They envelop a beautiful combination of stunning beauty, modern appeal, and traditional beauty. One can adorn them without any hesitation to any function they want. Just remember one thing, wear jewellery according to your movement. If you are going to a club to dance, never go for heavy jewellery.

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