Wanda Ferraton: Bill Goldberg’s Lifeline


Bill Goldberg sees himself as the luckiest person in the whole world. He feels that it takes years for anyone to get a great fans base and a better family life. There are many World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstars around the world – but no one can match the class of Bill Goldberg and his class of reaching the highest level.

Goldberg became Goldberg because American professional wrestler Sting provided him with a platform to shine for World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He grabbed the opportunity with both hands and became the name of the brand. Bill Goldberg’s persona of unbeaten nature made WCW match the class of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Goldberg is now the name of wrestling world because of Sting. However, nothing has made him better than having the blessing of Wanda Ferraton as his life-long partner. The couple married in 2005. Up until that time, Goldberg reached his classical level. He even left the world of wrestling after marrying Wanda in 2005. Wanda worked as stunt actress before signing her official life with Goldberg, who is one of the most famous people around the world. Nothing can match the class of Goldberg in many different ways.

Wanda Ferraton worked well as a stunt actress. She did work for top movies and series at the highest level. However, stunt artists do not get the best appreciation like many others do get in the field of movie-making. It is one of the most unsung professions. Many stunt persons have lost their lives in making a movie. After two to three days, no one cares about the future of stunt persons and their families. It shows how hard it would have been for Wanda to work in an unstructured profession. They do earn decent sums but don’t the ample work to keep on doing it for 20 to 30 years.

After crossing the age of 40, it becomes very hard for these natural athletes to get proper work as the body does not promote them to take high risks. It is a young-man profession; just like boxers. Pugilists do earn decent sums – but the same is not case with stunt actors. Ferraton has done his all to make Bill Goldberg occupied even after taking a long off from WWE. He left WWE for a long time in 2004. For 20 years or so, Goldberg saw a lot of love from the fans. It made too much busy.

However, it became a very hard job for the family to get the proper work after deciding to see his future as a family man. Bill Goldberg is a very rich professional wrestler. Thus, it was not a very hard job for him to help the family financially. A big credit behind his well-being goes to Wanda. She did work for a long time as a professional. However, she gave all as a homemaker. Wanda Ferraton is a quality homemaker. Without her, the fans of WWE can’t see their legend making some apprising comebacks as a professional wrestler.