Wall Fan vs Ceiling Fan: Which One Is Better for Your Home?

Be it your balcony, garden, inside your cosy home, or your workspace, fans will always be an essential appliance. But then the question arises, which fan would be ideal for your room? Especially when the market is flooded with different styles, variants and types of fans.

One of the most common confusion people encounter is choosing between a wall fan and a ceiling fan. To make your choice much easier, we have listed below the wall fan and ceiling fan features. Please sit back, relax and give it a read.

Image Source: Luminous

What is a Wall fan?

As the name implies, wall fans are strategically positioned on your wall to provide you with air that focuses on a specific location. This may be your bed, desk, dining table, or some other part of the room where you spend much of your day. Wall fan can assist with the cross-ventilation of the air in the room if properly positioned, making it suitable for smaller spaces.

Some of the features of wall fans are:

  • Wall fan has an efficient cooling system with a smooth oscillation that cools even the remotest corners of your room with strong air thrust. 
  • With a wide range of cool colours and super-premium finish, a wall fan can upgrade your home’s style quotient.
  • These fans are powerful, handy, and feature-packed, with premium aesthetics and superior aerodynamics.
  • Wall fan has jerk free superb airflow that makes it a reliable cooling device.
  • It just takes up a little space around your room’s little corner, thus saving a lot of space.
  • Wall fans are capable of providing air from various angles. This is especially useful when there are many people in one room, and you want adequate air supply, so you install a wall fan in different corners.

What is a ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan is a fan suspended from the ceiling of a room, fitted with blades to circulate air in the room. Cooling a room with the right type of ceiling fan is much cheaper than air conditioning. You need to ensure that you buy a ceiling fan of the right size to perfectly match the room size. These days we have various brands that offer an extensive range of ceiling fans carefully crafted to suit your home. Their motor is designed for minimum temperature rise, longer life, and higher air-thrust. 

Features of a Ceiling fan

  • Modern ceiling fans are the perfect cost-saving additions to your home.
  • Ceiling fans are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • All parts of the room will get a consistent airflow with a ceiling fan’s help as it is mounted in the centre of the ceiling in most cases.
  • Always select motors of good quality with sturdy bearings when you are buying a ceiling fan. Smaller, less efficient motors tend to create a lot of noise.
  • Remote control ceiling fans are the most convenient options for your bedroom these days.
  • Some ceiling fans also have LED lights, so you don’t have to install other lightings in your room.

Wall fan or ceiling fan?

Which one is the best? 

There is no right answer to this dilemma. The reason behind your purchase will differ significantly, depending on why you want to buy a fan and where you want to put it. Whether you want to install a fan in an office space or install it in your bedroom, the fan’s choice will be dependent on that. A wall fan is cheaper than a ceiling fan, but a ceiling fan ensures a consistent airflow in all room parts while a wall fan concentrates air on a specific corner. So, both the fans have their pros and cons.

Reputed Brands like Luminous offers various options in both categories. Their fans are carefully crafted to suit all your needs. So, you get to choose the best pick under one roof.