Waist Training During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Can I Wear A Waist Trainer During Pregnancy?: Waist Training is a process that helps you get an attractive figure. Most women choose the best waist trainer for their waist training therapy that lasts for months. But sometimes you get a weird question like “Can I wear a waist trainer during pregnancy?” This question arises in many women’s mind because their body expands during the pregnancy period. If you want to know about waist training in pregnancy then you have reached the right place.

Every woman is conscious about her appearance and that keeps her physically active. Going through the waist training process can reduce your waist size, lower belly fat and improve your posture. But the waist trainer experts don’t recommend to wear a waist trainer corset or waist cincher when you are pregnant. Because it is not safe for the woman as well as her baby in the womb. To know more about waist training and pregnancy, you need to read this post till the end.

Waist Training During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

When a woman goes through pregnancy, it changes her life completely. She experiences extreme mood swings and craving for a variety of foods which even she cannot understand. The period of pregnancy is around 40 weeks and a woman sees many changes in her physical structure. Therefore it is important to know what is safe and what is not safe during pregnancy. Here we will tell you about waist training during pregnancy and if it is safe to wear a waist trainer in that phase of time.

We have talked to many newly married women and almost all of them were expecting to get pregnant in upcoming 2-3 years. However, 70% women were wearing a waist trainer on a regular basis and they asked us if they can wear it even during their pregnancy period. We said “NO” because the waist trainers are made of high compression materials and they have steel boning inside which are designed to compress your midsection and it is NEVER SAFE to compress your midsection when pregnant.

What A Waist Trainer Does to You?

When you wear a waist trainer, it compresses your midsection to reduce your waist by 3-4 inches instantly. It also controls the belly fat, back flabs & bulges. The extra fat on your body is compressed, controlled and hidden by the waist trainer. Therefore the experts recommend to buy the best waist trainer that works properly and still keeps you comfortable all the time. However, when you are pregnant, your belly is expanded not due to fat but due to the growing baby inside your womb.

Is It Safe to Wear A Waist Trainer While Pregnant?

The period of pregnancy is very crucial and therefore you and your family need to be careful. Too much bending, heavy weight lifting and standing for longer are not considered safe for a pregnant woman. Waist Training is made for non-pregnant women and the women who are in the state of postpartum (i.e. after childbirth). If you wear a waist trainer corset or cincher during pregnancy, it can create a lot of troubles for you and your baby in the womb.

When you are pregnant, your baby gets all the food, water, oxygen from your consumption. Your body should remain free and that’s why the doctors recommend pregnant women to wear loose clothes as the body and skin should stay breathable. Not just a waist trainer, you should wear anything that gives compression or restricts your body in any manner. A waist trainer with flexible or rigid steel bones can damage your internal organs and even harm your baby, so you must NOT wear the waist trainer when you are pregnant.

Alternative of Waist Trainer During Pregnancy

The pregnant women ask for wearing a waist trainer for two reasons. First one is that they want to control their waist and belly from expanding which is not possible during pregnancy. Because your midsection will expand as your baby is growing inside your womb. The second reason is that pregnant women need support on their midsection which is actually good and not harmful at all. For support during pregnancy, you can get the best maternity shapewear and wear it without any fear.

Final Verdict:

Every woman faces different challenges in pregnancy period, these 40 weeks bring a lot of unexpected changes in her life. In this period, the family should support her and encourage her for being stronger to give birth to a healthy baby. The waist training is NOT safe and you should NOT wear a waist trainer during pregnancy but you CAN wear maternity shapewears that are safe, comfortable and supportive.