Using qualifications gained remotely to promote your abilities

Applying for a new position can seem daunting as you check that your CV is up to date, fill in any application forms required and attend an interview. These are opportunities to portray yourself in your best light, and require something that can make you stand out from the crowd. Among your skills and experience, you should highlight your qualifications and any additional abilities you gained in achieving them. If you studied remotely, you will likely have built up some unique skills, and throughout the job application process, you should highlight what these say about you.

Independent worker and self-discipline

Anyone who has gained qualifications remotely will be able to work to a high standard without close supervision, a skill that is highly valuable in the workplace. Without direct supervision, students have to learn how to problem solve independently. They will also be quite used to getting on with the expected tasks without being told and to focus on that task until it is completed to a high standard. Employers are keen to hire self-disciplined workers who can help make the workforce more efficient without the need for micromanagement.

Organizational skills

Students who have studied remotely may have had more opportunity to boost their organizational skills than those attending courses in person. As a remote student, you will have had to organize your own workspace for maximum efficiency and acquire good time management skills as you choose your own study times. These are skills that transfer well in many professions.

High-quality learning

Gone are the days when remote courses were second best to in-person learning. Today, these courses include top-quality teachers with relevant industry experience and rigorous learning materials and result in highly accredited qualifications. When applying for a new job, take a close look at everything you studied so that you can highlight the quality of your learning. As an example, anyone who took one of the online post master’s nurse practitioner certificate programs with Wilkes University will be able to talk about the skills they gained in areas such as leadership and research, as well as the practical experience gained on the clinical placements that the university helps organize.


Many remote learning students undertake their studies while also working full-time or part-time, raising a family, taking on caring responsibilities or maintaining voluntary commitments. Being able to manage a variety of roles alongside study is useful in many workplaces, where one person might have a number of different roles or tasks at any one time. Anyone looking to fill that position is certain to be keen on an applicant who can demonstrate these abilities.

Ambition and enthusiasm

People undertake online study for a number of reasons. For some, it is a chance to learn skills in an area they are passionate about, allowing them to get started on a new career path. Others might be already working in that industry but are keen to hone their skills and progress in their career. Employees are keen to hire driven people with a genuine enthusiasm for their work. Demonstrating how fulfilling you found your remote learning is something that can help you stand out in a field of applicants and boost your chances of success.