USB Charging Battery: A New Form of New Power Batteries in the Real Market

We are all familiar with rechargeable batteries. Compared to one-time batteries, rechargeable batteries are more cost-efficient, environment-friendly, and convenient. Instead of bringing a bunch of heavy batteries or looking for substitutes everywhere, you only need to bring its charger and you will easily get continuous run time. However, Convenience is a relativity. Bringing a dedicated charger plus sometimes a dedicated cable, it can still be too much for short trips. Ever think about charging your rechargeable batteries like charging your phones or cameras? Take a look at the USB charging battery.

Similar to traditional batteries, a USB charging battery also usually comes in standard sizes, can be AA, AAA or D size. Unlike traditional rechargeable batteries, USB charging battery can be charged directly with a USB charging port. Some batteries harbor a Micro-USB or USB Type-C charging port, so that you can use your phone’s charging cable to charge your batteries with ease, no extra chargers or cables needed. Some USB charging batteries, like the Tiger Head Li-ion USB rechargeable AA batteries, integrate a USB-A plug instead of any ports. Using this kind of battery is an exceptional experience: you don’t even need a USB cable to charge your batteries! This is especially friendly to iPhone users who don’t have another device to share a Micro-USB or USB Type-C cable. You simply need to remove it’s cap, and use an adapter, a power bank or a wall charger with USB ports to charge your battery. Beware that you need to choose the power supply with the right voltage to charge your batteries. High-quality batteries like the previously introduced Tiger Head battery are voltage stable and can adapt to your USB port’s voltage, but some lesser batteries need you to make sure the power supply’s voltage is around 5V to avoid damage. Of course, it’s best if you can use a 5V power-adapter to charge your batteries.

Compared to traditional batteries and ordinary rechargeable batteries, USB charging batteries are most convenient and more user-friendly. When selecting a USB charging battery, you need to make sure that you are buying the correct sizes for your application. Normal home appliance utilize batteries of AA or AAA sizes. larger flashlights may also need D size batteries. Once determined, you will need to also make sure that you use a same pair of batteries in your device, if it requires a series of two batteries to function, because using batteries of different voltage and current settings could damage both the device and the batteries. Using USB charging batteries is generally not different from using other batteries, but you are always suggested to take the batteries out from your device when you decide the leave it unused for a long time. You would also want to charge your batteries every while so that it stays activated and ready when you need to use it again.

USB charging batteries are new and comparatively convenient. If you are a fan of new technology, or an extreme minimalist, don’t miss out on this innovation.

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