U.S. Marine account apologizes for comments defending female service members

U.S. Marine

The US Navy apologized on Saturday for comments it made to its official account on Twitter to protect women in the military, as there was a greater dispute between the Pentagon and Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson.

“Return when you serve and are pregnant,” the official statement of the Second Naval Forces, which participated in a broader discussion of women’s role in the military, told a commentator. “We walked away from our brand and became aware of it,” the account later said, apparently after posting an online response because of its attention.

“We were human and we were in a mess. We were aiming to speak on behalf of the Women Sailors and try to support them. They play an important role in our Corps and we need them to know that. Set the fire, the final.” Professionalism in our tweets. “” The account later tweeted.

The expedition, one of three members of the Marine Corps, tweeted in support of the United States Chief Musketeer Sergeant. Scott Stalker, who also condemned the comments of the Fox News host.

“I would like to remind everyone that his views of which he is entitled are based on almost zero-day vacation days in the armed forces,” Stalkersed said. Said.

On Tuesday, Carlson complained on his first talk show that the Chinese army had become “more masculine,” “As Joe Biden said, it’s more feminine, so we need to be in the army.”

These words brought rare condemnation from the Pentagon following the efforts of President Joe Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to address issues of sexual harassment and gender equality among military members.

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“I want to make it clear that our military diversity is one of our greatest forces. Our troops are fighting in Afghanistan. I saw it on Capitol Hill last month. And I see it. Every day in the Pentagon,” Defense Secretary John Kirby said on Thursday.

The discussion addresses the widespread debates on gender inherent in the armed forces and the US military, which have been the scene of many high-profile conflicts over harassment and justice for women in recent years.

“What we’re not going to do is get advice from the talk show host or the Chinese military. Maybe these people think they have something to prove. It’s up to them. Today we know we are the world’s largest military power. Even for everything we need to develop, we know exactly why,” he added. Kirby.

Official accounts of the Marine Corps, US Army, and US Navy posted tweets supporting female service members as part of the Women’s History Month. Carlson’s comments led to a series of direct and indirect tweets supporting women in the military.

Carlson responded to the condemnation from the Pentagon on Thursday, claiming that the demonstration of the condemnation was like a “hostile foreign force”.