Types of Kidney Transplant

types of kidney transplant

If you don’t know then let us tell you that the organs required for kidney transplantation come from two sources; living donor and deceased donor. The most preferred transplant is “Living Donor Kidney Transplant. It is because living donor kidney transplant produces better outcomes and has high success rates in comparison to the deceased donor transplants. In this blog post, we will explain to you everything about types of kidney transplant you can go for if you are planning to go for kidney treatment. Before this blog ends, you will discover useful information about kidney transplant types. So. let’s get started.

When a patient goes for the Living Donor Kidney Transplant, you could expect the operation to be done on the same day. Or, you and the donor according to your convenience can schedule your time. Also, remember that when a healthy person donates a kidney, the individual can lead a normal life with one kidney left. But, due to the major operation, the donor has to follow the doctor’s instruction for the days, weeks, or months to recover quickly.

There’s No Disadvantage Of Living Donor Kidney Transplant

Many people think and make their thoughts that the Living Donor Kidney Transplant is not good because the donor has to undergo operation along with the receiver. However, it’s true that the donor has to go with an operation in order to donate the kidney. But that doesn’t mean the donor won’t get recovered. With the advancement in the medical field, there are many kidney transplant hospitals, surgeons and medical practices that involve less pain, small incisions, and quick recovery time for both donor and receiver. Also, the Living Donor often experiences positive feelings about their courageous deed.

What Are The Advantages Of Living Donor Kidney Transplant Over A Deceased Kidney Transplant?

The benefits of Living Donor Kidney Transplant over Deceased Kidney Transplant are in abundance. While the most significant advantage is the higher success rate. Plus, if you are someone who wants a healthy kidney in a quick time, then Living Donor Kidney Transplant will shorten the duration, and you will get the healthy kidney very soon in comparison to Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant. You would be surprised to know the average rate wait for a deceased donor kidney. It could go on for many years.

On the other hand, if the patient has got the kidney from the living donor, then chances are extremely high that the receiver’s kidney from a Living Donor starts functioning immediately after transplant. But the condition goes reverse with Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant, in this case, the kidney might take several days or weeks to function normally. All these things are done under the best medical supervision, and there’s nothing to worry if you have the support of a trusted kidney transplant specialist. In a kidney transplant, the surgery needs to be carried very quickly, and a Deceased Donor Kidney is hard to find, and it’s time consuming. So, patients who require a quick kindly transplant to cure the disorder, they go for the Living Donor Kidney Transplant.

Who would be a good living donor candidate?

It’s the biological siblings that usually makes the first-class Living Donors due to matching. But you would be amazed to know that with the advancement in the treatments in the medical sector, anyone could be considered for a donor. All it needs is to be a compatible blood type. If you ask us the age of Living Donor, we would say what experts doctors have quoted; individuals between 18-60 are considered the potential donors. But you must find the Living Donor from your family members first in order to get the best success rate.

Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant

In medical terms, Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant is called cadaver donor transplant. This process involved removing and transplanting the kidney from the healthy donor and surgically placed in an individual with a failure kidney problem. The transplantation of the kidney is done after seeking permission of the family. If someone is healthy to donate the kidney, the person could befriend, spouse, or another family member. However, you must know that in some cases, the Deceased Donor Kidneys come from strangers or someone who wants to help a needy one who wants a healthy kidney at any cost.

In Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant, the kidney of the donor is preserved well in ice. The doctors and the medical team take full care, and responsibility in keeping the kidney working via connecting the oxygen and nutrients unit the organ is transplanted into the patient. You would be amazed to know that one donated kidney is enough and sufficient for the body to function like the same before.

A Deceased Donor can be anyone who has just recently passed away due to some reasons, and his/her organs are not damaged. It could also be the person who sings the organ donation form during the time they are alive. The organ donation form is all about the thing that the donor is ready to donate his specific organs to the needy one after his death. This all includes proper documentation work.

Discover The Time To Resume Your Everyday Work After Transplantation

It all depends upon the kind of work an individual does. If someone does the work which involves more physical endurance, then the recovery time may take for the weeks or months. But if you are someone whose day to day life work is related to the comfort of your house or work, then expect to resume your work after 6-8 weeks.


When the kidney of an individual fails and doesn’t function properly, there is an urgency and need is developed for kidney treatment. Some people go for dialysis while the other goes with the kidney transplant. Both are good. Until you are not aware of the benefits and types of a kidney transplant. In nowadays, individuals who are aware of kidney disorders are going with transplantation options since it’s time consuming, and cost-effective too! While dialysis after some point of time restricts, it’s work only to purify the blood, while the kidney transplant is considered the best from all the perspectives.