Treatments for under eye wrinkles

Wrinkles around the eyes are caused by environmental influences, primarily the sun, and as a result of numerous eye muscle movements throughout life. In addition to the sun, other external factors, such as smoking, smog and stress, encourage the development of wrinkles as well. External factors damage the connective tissue and thin the skin, which encourages the development of wrinkles. It is not possible to 100% remove wrinkles, but they can be significantly reduced with best treatment for under eye wrinkles. Wrinkles around the eyes also belong to the group of mimic wrinkles caused by muscle movements.

The eye muscle, the so-called orbicularis oris, is circular in shape and surrounds the eye, and consists of several parts. By moving the muscles, it weakens the connective tissue inside the muscle parts and this is one of the wrinkles are formed. It is not recommended to wait for the development of larger wrinkles, but it is advisable to start treatments preventively in the early 30s. Before the treatment of removing wrinkles around the eyes, it is necessary to first determine whether the causes of wrinkles under eyes are external factors, muscle movements or a combination. The method or treatment is then selected, depending on the cause of the wrinkles. For best results it is sometimes necessary to influence both causes. It is advisable to correct and determine whether the eyelids and eyebrows are lowered and whether there are dark circles, pigmentation and oily pads under the eyes. Raising eyebrows and eyelids contributes to a better result because the eyes open. We have a number of methods and treatments at our disposal, and removing wrinkles around the eyes is no longer a problem.

Neodymium Yag laser

The laser causes thermal damage to the skin and inflammation that repairs the damage. This strengthens the existing collagen and creates a new one with the effect of tightening the skin. Three treatments are needed. The initial result is visible in 2 to 3 months after the last treatment, with the final result being seen in 9 to 12 months. The result lasts from 1 to 2 years. Maintenance treatment once a year is advised. No recovery required.

Radio waves

They have the same principle of operation as the Neodymium Yag laser, but give a better result. Instead of optical energy, as is the case with lasers, electromagnetic energy is used here. The number of treatments is the same, with the difference that here the effect lasts longer. Maintenance treatment once a year is advised. No recovery required. The results are not seen immediately, but improve daily for months after treatment. The initial result is visible 2 to 3 months after treatment, and the final result 9 to 12 months after the last treatment.

Led technology

A method that uses special diodes that emit light of a certain wavelength to stimulate the development of new collagen while tightening the skin. Wrinkles around the eyes and the whole face are illuminated with a special lamp. It takes 6 to 8 treatments per month, followed by one maintenance treatment. After only a few treatments, the initial results can be seen. No recovery.

Fractional lasers: ablative (erbium, CO2) and non-ablative

The goal of treatment is to cause microscopic damage below the surface of the skin, which is expelled from the body and replaced with new tissue. In the case of an ablative fractional laser, the mechanical effect is important, and in the case of a non-ablative fractional laser, the thermal effect. Damage to collagen and inflammation are important, which gives the body a signal to additionally create new collagen while strengthening the existing one. The result is a skin tightening effect. Recovery takes 1 to 7 days, depending on the type of laser and the strength of the treatment. After recovery, the result is visible, which improves every day for the next 9 to 12 months, when the final result is also visible. About 3 treatments are needed for non-ablative and ablative erbium lasers, and for ablative CO2, 1 treatment is usually sufficient. The type of laser is determined based on the size of the wrinkle and the condition of the skin.

Fractional radio waves

The treatment has a double effect: peeling effect and skin tightening, which creates new connective tissue, which further reduces wrinkles. The principle of operation of the treatment is the same as with the fractional laser, except that electromagnetic energy is used instead of optical energy. The resulting damage and inflammation are a sign to the body to create new connective tissue, and the existing ones are strengthened with a strong effect of tightening and rejuvenating the skin. The treatment lasts only 30 to 60 seconds. Recovery takes 1 to 3 days, although redness of the skin sometimes takes only a few hours. The initial result is mostly visible immediately after the treatment, with the result improving every day for the next 12 months, when the final result is visible. It takes 1 to 3 treatments. At the same time, you can raise your eyebrows or upper eyelids if you wish.


The treatment is used for mimic wrinkles caused by movements of the muscles around the eyes. Botox works by relaxing the muscle and the wrinkles are then reduced. The effect of the treatment lasts from 3 to 10 months. Three stitches are made on the side of the eye. If the eye is closed, 1 sting is made under the lower eyelid to open the eye. It is advisable to raise the outer part of the eyebrow at the same time for the best possible result. The treatment is neither painful nor uncomfortable. There is no recovery. The result is visible 7 to 15 days after treatment.


It is punctured with a small needle that injects CO2 gas, which stimulates the development of new collagen and thus reduces wrinkles. 2 to 3 stitches are made on the side of the eye. In addition, CO2 lymphatic drainage strengthens circulation and, if necessary, eyelids can be raised, eyelids and oily pillows under the eyes removed at the same time. Recovery is generally not required. It takes 3 to 5 treatments. The treatment is not painful, it can be a little uncomfortable, but nothing terrible or unbearable.


Hyaluronic acid, which is one of the main building blocks of the skin, is mostly used. It is injected. This mechanically fills in wrinkles and fine lines under eyes at 25 + age, and stimulates the development of new collagen, thus reducing wrinkles. Injections are made from the side of the eye and under the eye as needed. One of the first signs of aging is the lowering of the face under the lower eyelid. Facial sagging occurs due to the loss of subcutaneous fat that gives volume to the face and supports and wears the skin. Hyaluronic acid injection compensates for the loss of volume and thus lifts the face, which significantly improves the appearance of the face. 1 treatment is needed and the results last 4 to 10 months, although sometimes they last longer. Occasional maintenance treatments once every 1 to 2 years are advised. Recovery is generally not required.