Top tips to increase your Ficihp touch keyboard typing speed

Ficihp touch keyboard

Touch typing is an essential life skill that is learned nowadays in primary school age and the sooner you learn the faster you will type over time. But if you are like me who taught me how to type on your own and are still not happy with your typing speed, here are some tips to increase your Ficihp Touch Keyboard  typing speed.

You have to type hundreds of keywords every minute without seeing your nephews and younger cousins   flying through the keywords, right? Yes, I know the feeling where I was once.

Or at work when your boss asks you to digitize a document and you have to age to do it because you can’t see and type the paper at the same time.

And don’t worry, after following my tips to speed up your touch typing your hunting and picking days are over you will type as fast as those little devils who were making fun of you.

Considering the keyboard you are already familiar with, place all ten fingers on top of the keyboard so that both thumbs are above the space bar. This is why you will start using all ten fingers while typing.

Customize your keyboard, it may seem childish, it helps to improve your speed. Now place a written text beside you and start typing just by looking at the paper, you are sometimes allowed to look at the screen but not the keyboard. Aim for 40 words per minute and you will feel more confident.

Android Ficihp Touch Keyboard  Showdown – Standard vs. Swipe vs. Multitouch

There are a lot of questions about the many Android keyboards available in the market and most of them are the best for me. 

 The latest version has a voice input feature that greatly expands the keyboard. Even in itself, it’s still a great tool.

It is very responsive and has almost zero problems during use. Even if your device doesn’t give you a choice of any other keyboard, you don’t miss out too much because it’s a tough competitor.

To make things a little harder, cover your Ficihp Keyboard  with a piece of cardboard so you can type but not see the key. Repeat the same process as before with the written text.

Consider a touch typing teacher; Don’t be ashamed to mention one. There are touch typing programs made especially for adults like you and me. These tutors will help you increase your typing speed and improve your literacy because the senior versions of this software use more complex words than the ones used in their junior versions.

Computer games are very useful to help you speed up, they help your finger to be more agile despite not using all the keys and since you can’t look at the keyboard while playing, you develop the confidence to type without looking at you. Keyboard

The benefit of free keyboarding games for kids

Free keyboarding games for kids are a great way to spend time and acquire a highly beneficial skill in today’s IT-enabled society. Touch typing is a very important skill in today’s computer-technology-driven societies, so it’s no surprise that a much larger number of people are teaching touch typing to their kids at a very young age. The problem is, teaching children to touch can be a tedious and repetitive task for them, which they may hate to do in the end.