Top Tips for Owning Gold Nuggets

Gold nuggets
Gold mining and and investment in precious metals concept with close up on golden nuggets on a black background

If you like the idea of owning gold, then purchasing gold nuggets is a great path to go down. Not only is this small material pretty and interesting, but it is also valuable and will be for a long time to come. Unfortunately, owning gold nuggets is not as simple as buying clothes or topping up on groceries; a fair amount of research needs to go into it if you want to end up with a collection to be proud of. While you can buy the first gold nugget you see online; you don’t want to run the risk of it being overpriced or even fake. 

What are Gold Nuggets?

Gold nuggets are natural fragments of gold found in residual deposits. Being around 85 to 95 percent pure gold, they are extremely valuable despite their small size. Their worth is usually determined by the weight, size, attractiveness, where it’s found, and what other mineral it is formed with.  

Why Own Gold Nuggets?

If you’re just getting started in your gold nugget journey, you might wonder, what’s the point in owning gold nuggets? Well, there are plenty of reasons, including the fact that gold nuggets are undeniably valuable and have been for a very long time. The gold nugget’s worth isn’t influenced by inflation in the same way as money, too, so you’re likely to keep the gold nugget’s value for longer. There are other reasons to invest in gold nuggets other than their value, though. Some people love them just because they’re a pretty collector’s item, and others enjoy the chase of finding the heaviest ones. 

Whatever your reason is for joining the mineral collecting world, here are some top tips for owning gold nuggets. 

Consider Where to Buy from  

To buy a gold nugget, you need to know that the seller is reputable; otherwise, you could end up with an overpriced item. Some sellers are selling fake ones, too, so make sure you do your research before buying from any website. Aim to buy from a trusted collector like Nuggets By Grant, where they sell a variety of high-quality nuggets alongside a certificate of authenticity. 

Know What You Are Looking for 

Browsing for golden nuggets isn’t the same as browsing for a new t-shirt – you should already have an idea of what you want before you dive in. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t be wowed by a find, but some general direction helps. Some things to keep in mind when figuring out what you want includes:

Where is it from? 

Do you want a nugget from a particular country? If so, determine where so that you can narrow down your search. You might be determined to find an authentic Australian fragment of gold, or maybe you’d prefer some from New Zealand. 

The Size 

How big do you want your gold nuggets to be? Measurements are everything, so keep in mind what your preferred range is first. 

The Weight 

Another big factor is weight. The heavier fragments are typically worth more, so consider that when browsing. 

How Attractive it is 

It’s not just how the piece can be measured that’s important; it’s also how it’s perceived by you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you want to find something you find pleasing to the eye, so consider the attractiveness of the piece before buying. 

If You Want it in Jewelry Form 

Some people like to collect raw gold nuggets, whereas others want them in the form of jewelry. To help with your search, determine which side you stand on first. 

Do Plenty of Research 

Before diving into the deep end and spending your money, do as much research as possible. By investing your time into attaining knowledge, you’ll discover what kind of gold nuggets are out there and what type you like. It helps to understand what the weights, sizes, and colors mean, alongside the common minerals that gold nuggets tend to combine with. There’s a wealth of knowledge to be found online, so start there. 

Consider Finding Them Yourself 

Not everyone wants to set out to find their own gold nuggets, and that’s OK. If you have the time and dedication to do so, however, then you could be rewarded with some substantial fragments of gold alongside the pride that comes with finding it yourself. Equipment-wise, you will need a shovel, a gold pan, a pick, and a pair of tweezers. There are also fully-equipped tool kits you can find that are made for finding gold. From there, research the best places to find them and get to work. 

Join a Like-Minded Community 

There are plenty of mineral collecting communities out there that are more than happy to help newbies start their collections. By finding a local community (or an online one), you’ll gain access to heaps of valuable information that’ll inform your buying decisions. Plus, you’ll make new, like-minded friends along the way! 

See the Gold in Real Life Before Purchase 

If you have an idea of what you want your gold nugget collection to look like, consider seeing and touching the gold in real life before purchase. It isn’t always easy to do, as most sellers are online. If you can, though, it will help you make better decisions. 

Collecting gold nuggets can either be a fun hobby or a lucrative investment. By using these tips, you ensure you end up with a great selection.