Top Netflix Series To Spend Some Quality time!

When it comes to picking the best Netflix series, there is a long list to choose from. You spend many hours just finding the right series and you end up with nothing. What if we narrowed down the selection. The shortlist with the good ones. Sounds good, right? It’s time to give the below fan favorite a whirl. And trust me, you won’t get disappointed. Pick the one according to your mood! Well, it’s a very difficult thing from where to start. Our list includes the top picks that will save your quality time. 

Best Netflix Series Ever To Watch now!

You might be struggling with which is the best Netflix series in 201? Here is a great place to look at the ranked Netflix series right now! Scroll the list.

Russian Doll

What if you have to live the same day over and over? Well, this is the concept you will see in the Russian doll Netflix original series. A complete mixture of amusement and sadness, this series has hit the performance. This series is one of the funniest Netflix originals that is most talked about. If you are the one, looking for comedic performances, check out the Russian doll to add some laughter to your life.


A coming of age dramedy, Atypical is a series in which an 18-year old searched for love and independence. During the self-discovery and to find a girlfriend for himself, the rest of his family is struggling with their own lives. Well, this series deserves to be your next binge. Throughout the series, Atypical matched the test by being warm and funny, showing love to his family.

Edge Of tomorrow

Well, Edge of Tomorrow is a thrilling action series with a lot of fun and drama. Moreover, you will see some similar characters to Sci-Fi movies. The chemistry of Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt is commendable, they have carried whole scenes in a magical way. This series is one of the top Netflix series with a lot more than an imagination. Trust me, you are going to watch it again. And for the ones who are waiting for Edge Of tomorrow 2, you have to wait for a little more!

The Good Place

A comedy series with 3 seasons that you can binge on Netflix. After suffering from a humiliating death, Eleanor finds herself in a good place. However, she is not a good person by any measure but she tries to correct her behavior in her afterlife. You will see the sprinkling of ethical teaching in every episode that is enjoyed by every viewer who wants to learn a lesson.

Grace And Frankie

A story of two women that got separated from their husbands after they announced they are in love with other women and going to marry them. Both of them, Grace and Frankie started a new life by sharing a beach house. Now they are struggling with life, their love, their career, and what they want to do further. Both are down to earth and being true to one’s identity. If you are looking for picture-perfect comedy, give it a try!

Grab some snacks and get ready to watch the best Netflix series 2021 with your beloved ones! Between this quarantine and seasonal depression, try to figure out what you can do to make your day better. Make a plan and spend some quality time by watching Netflix series according to your choice. What are you waiting for? Go and do share your experience in the comment box