Top 7 Things You Should Know About Google Pixel 3


The Google Pixel phone series are all the rage these days. People are excited to use the android equivalent of the iPhone is much more reasonable prices. The fact is that iPhones are not popular because of their extremely popular function, but they have a great marketing campaign behind their backs. People want to mimic the iPhone lifestyle by way of purchasing such a product. It is not the advanced technological supremacy that makes iPhones so popular among the masses but rather the big hypes, celebrity endorsements, and brand recognition. Amazingly, people are willing to buy the same products and services for such a high amount when much cheaper and more functionally superior options are available in the market. It makes more sense for the American nationals to buy this product; however, people worldwide are infected greatly from this product’s far-reaching marketing strategies. For the users of the android phones, Google pixel 3 is great news, and can still find a lot of great features in it.

How to get a phone Fixed?

The problem with android phone providers is that they don’t glorify their products like other brands. Even when these phones are not very expensive, they sell in great numbers worldwide and make enough profit for the manufacturers to rival any other brands. It would be great if the Google pixel product also opens up Google Pixel 3 repair shops worldwide. The store expenses can be managed with the service charges alone, and Google itself has no shortage of investment money. If Google has its eyes fixed on eliminating the competition, it should consider making the best possible after-sales service policies. This new advancement would also create a lot of new jobs all across the world.

The Best Features of the Pixel Series

Although the pixel phones started to circulate in 2018, they are still very popular in 2020. The people who have lost their jobs in the 2020 pandemic crisis are looking for better options for cheaper yet highly functional phones. Google Pixel 3 screen repair is also a real option. If you are able to get your phone repaired, it is a lot better than doing rather than buying a new phone. Being easy to buy is not the only great plus side of this phone. Here are the top 07 reasons that make the pixel 3 so popular:

  1. They run on android nine and can support android 11.
  2. These phones have an amazing 5.5 inches tall screen, which makes it super convenient to use.
  3. The internal memory is 64 GB, and there is no need for additional memory supplements.
  4. The Octa-processor allows the phone to run at a breakneck speed.
  5. There is 4k HD resolution in the front camera, which is an amazing feature.
  6. Not only it has Wi-Fi options, but it can also support Wi-Fi direct.
  7. The wireless charging leaves behind the tangling wire technology.