Top 7 refrigerators you should look for in 2021

Top 7 refrigerators
Top 7 refrigerators

According to the 2018 NFHS data, one in three Indians owns a refrigerator. It is safe to say that the majority of urban Indian households have a refrigerator, while there are a significant number of households that have more than one refrigerator. When we talk about indispensable household appliances, refrigerators rank at the very top. This is because we rely on refrigerators to store our edibles and other temperature-sensitive products. Whether you want to preserve food prepared the day before, dairy products, meat or any other item that you wish to consume at a later date, refrigerators have always aided us in keeping them fresh and unsullied.

The importance of a refrigerator cannot be understated, and consumers today are astutely aware of the benefits they extend. However, the same cannot be said about the knowledge and information consumers are often equipped with while shopping for a new refrigerator. For instance, when should one opt for a double door fridge? What is the minimum capacity you should target while purchasing a new refrigerator? It is imperative that consumers are aware of the various attributes refrigerators come with today, and how they benefit them.

A single door refrigerator is the most basic model you can find in the market, and consumers have to use the same door to access both the freezer, and the normal refrigerator compartment. Double door fridge, on the other hand, have two separate doors for the freezer and refrigerator compartment, and offer greater convenience. Furthermore, the capacity of the refrigerator should correlate with the number of people living in a household. The best refrigerators in India are the models that come with best-in-class features, but also address your concerns and requirements effectively. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new refrigerator, here are seven models that effectively cater to individual requirements.

Whirlpool 215L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (230 IMPRO ROY 5S INV WINE FLUME, Wine Flume)

If you are searching for a refrigerator that doesn’t stretch your budget, this single door refrigerator from Whirlpool should be your first choice. Costing less than Rs. 20,000, it is affordable, while coming with a host of impressive features. The refrigerator’s Microblock technology keeps bacteria and germs at bay, while it can keep your dairy products and food items fresh for up to 12 hours, even when there are power cuts. Additionally, the vegetable crisper inside the refrigerator comes with moisture lock-in technology, thus keeping your vegetables fresh for long periods.

Samsung 212L 3 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator(RR22T272YS8/NL, Elegant Inox)

Yet another economical option is the Samsung 212L refrigerator, which works on the digital inverter technology that guarantees energy-efficient operation, low noise generation and durable performance of the refrigerator. One of the USPs of this refrigerator is the fact that it can run on solar energy, and is thus environmentally friendly. The toughened glass shelves of the refrigerator have been designed to hold up to 175kgs without any problems, while the bar chrome handle of the appliance exudes elegance, and gives the refrigerator a premium look. 

LG 471L 3 Star LG ThinQ Wi-Fi Inverter Linear Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator (GL-T502FASN, Amber Steel, Convertible)

Widely considered to be one of the best refrigerators in India, this LG 3-star refrigerator comes in a double-door avatar, providing greater convenience. Its Dual Fridge feature enables users to use the freezer as an additional refrigerator compartment, thereby offering more storage space. The refrigerator’s capacity makes this model the ideal purchase for a household with 4-5 members.

Samsung 345L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT37T4513S8/HL, Elegant Inox, Convertible)

You cannot prepare a list of the best refrigerators in India without mentioning Samsung’s offerings. This model comes with the auto-defrost feature, which stops the ice from building up inside the freezer. Additionally, it houses a digital inverter compressor, which automatically adjusts the speed according to the cooling requirements, thereby making the appliance energy-efficient and long-lasting.

Samsung 700L with Inverter Side-by-Side Refrigerator (RS72R5011SL/TL, EZ Clean Steel)

A little on the expensive side, this side-by-side refrigerator from the South Korean giant sports a stunning, clean steel finish, and thus elevates the aesthetics of the kitchen. Ideal for large families with 6-7 members, this refrigerator is powered by digital inverter technology, and thus saves up to 50% energy.

LG 679L Inverter Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator(GC-B247KQDV.ADSQEBN, Graphite steel)

Another refrigerator that is available at a similar price point is the LG 679L refrigerator. The appliance’s inverter linear compressor saves up to 51% energy, while reducing the operational noise by up to 25%. The refrigerator comes with multiple digital sensors, which sense when the door is opened and closed, and keep the indoor temperature at optimum levels at all times.

Haier 712L Inverter Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Twin Inverter Technology (HRB-738BG, Black Glass)

One of the best premium refrigerators available today is this Haier French door refrigerator. Marketed as India’s first ‘100% fridge in convertible mode’, the appliance does not come with any wall partition, allowing users to store more items. Its twin inverter technology ensures that the refrigerator is energy-efficient while providing optimum cooling. Additionally, it flaunts a unique glass finish, which gives the refrigerator a premium look and feel.

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