Top 7 Practical Tips to Increase Instagram Followers for Free

Instagram has become one of the famous social networks after Facebook. People use Instagram to enjoy unique videos and images. But recently, you can see that many brands and companies are using Instagram for branding their products. They try to communicate with people through social media influencers. 

The owner of those brands pays for it. So, here you can get a huge opportunity to make your career on influence marketing. But for this, you must have a lot of followers. So I am here to help you. Read this article carefully and get some tips to increase the number of Instagram followers (you also can check this to know more) for free.

  1. Optimize your Instagram: 
  • Start your mission by optimizing your Instagram. It is the first and one of the essential parts before getting more followers. 
  • Check your homepage. Can your account mostly perfect for seeking the attention of your followers? If not, then make it. 
  • You also can take help from the Instagram followers app to make your work easy. 
  1. Prepare your account: 
  • You can’t engage with people without an exciting bio, a proper user name or profile picture. 
  • Add them to your account so that when your followers visit your Instagram, make them feel that you are real and unique from others. 
  • Upload your real photo as a profile picture. Create a bio that is similar to your thoughts.
  1. Keep consistency in content creating: 
  • It doesn’t matter how much followers you have or you want. If you don’t have a posting schedule, it is impossible to gain Instagram followers regularly. 
  • Every day, about 2000M people log in Instagram, so this social platform has a vast public community. 
  • For increasing more followers, create your content posting routine and upload them.
  1. Use Instagram engagement statistics: 
  • To post your image, you have to know when y will get more engagement. 
  • Instagram users are not so active in Saturday and Sunday of a week. And they mostly use this app about from 7 Am to 8 Pm in the rest of those days. 
  • Always try to follow these statistics. It can change, so keep update information in a basis.
  1. Promote your Instagram account: 
  • There is another option to increase your Instagram followers. 
  • Try to add followers from your other social accounts like Facebook, twitter. Keep your Instagram account link to those networks.
  • Do you have a website? You also should put your Instagram link in this. When people get it, there is also a chance to get more audiences.
  1. Think about your followers: 
  • When you are at the first stage of gaining more followers, you might research a lot. 
  • Post regularly and on different continents. Keep note that which types of posts your followers like most. Take two or three months for this. 
  • After that, you will get the result, what content will be a regular topic or niche.
  1. Be a conversation starter
  • You can get more engagement through starting a conversation. 
  • Sprout Social Index 2020 shows that users are more engaged with those posts which have videos and images with texts. 
  • So, always try to post photos and videos with an eye-catchy title. In this text, want opinions and decisions from your audiences.

People are now spending their time more on social media. And this number will be increasing day by day. So, you can get your followers by doing some easy tasks. Don’t be afraid of replying, appreciate visitors, and give positive feedback. Always try to respond to your followers’ messages and comments as much as possible. It will improve the relationship between your audiences and you. When you answer regularly, your account will get more engagement. So, get more Instagram followers by taking advantage of tips.