Top 5 Best Blogging Ideas That Can Make Money in 2021

blogging ideas to make money

During the past decade, blogging is the best way to make online money. A lot of students and job seekers are blogging on daily basis and they are making good money. Even those who have a good job, also use to blog part-time to earn an extra amount of money.

If you are also planning to start a blogging career, then here is a guide for you. I will provide you 5 best blogging ideas that can make money for you in 2021.

Start a Mobile’s Blog

Mobile users are in billions worldwide and every day a new mobile, a new model, or variant arrives in the market. There are a lot of people who buy a new mobile every day and they need to check how to make different changes. How to do the new settings and how to play with different options of the mobile.

Some people can do this on their own, while some need helps from YouTube videos or mobile-related blogs. So, if you have a good knowledge of mobiles then starting a mobile blog is the best idea. You can select a mobile model, watch videos about it and then write a blog post to help people making different settings and show them the hidden features of that particular model.

You can also provide different tips and tricks which are somehow related to the mobile. For example, you can tell them how to check SIM number when you forget it and have no balance to make a call on another mobile.

If you have some budget, you can even start your YouTube channel as well and can make different videos about mobiles. So, it becomes one of the best blogging ideas as you can create your YouTube channel as well with this. See the example video below:

Start A Fashion Blog

The trend of online shopping has increased during the past 5 years and especially during the world lockdown because of COVID 19 pandemic this trend even increased further.

To take advantage, you can start a fashion blog as youngsters who have the largest share in using the internet every day also have the largest share in online shopping. Apart from shopping, they love to watch the new fashion trends in the market from different blogs.

So, you can either monetize your fashion blog or you can sell products online as well by creating a good audience on your fashion blog.

Start an SEO Blog

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an online skill that is widely used to make money online. Freelancers use this skill to provide higher rankings in the Google search engine to the websites of their clients.

A lot of people who wanted to become a freelancer, they are eager to learn the SEO skills. So, you can make a blog where you can provide different SEO techniques to optimize WordPress sites or shopping stores for the search engines.

After you create a good blog, you can either monetize your content or you can even sell your SEO services to different clients as well. With that, you can also create your SEO-related videos so that people can learn from you.

On your blog, you can provide the best SEO packages so that big companies or freelancers who love to outsource their work can buy your packages. You can also get the direct clients who wanted to optimize their websites for the search engines.

Make Solution Providing Technology Blog

The best way to make your blog successful is by providing solutions to different problems for free of cost. If you are thinking of blogging, then it means you are good at technology as well. When I say technology, it means computers, laptops, websites, hosting, digital marketing, and even mobiles.

We have discussed the mobile blogs above, but how about providing solutions to different problems to other technologies? Even you can provide solutions when people get problems in using different software. This will be a multi-topic blog that can cover a lot of topics and you can write a lot of things that people might be interested to search for.

Again, the easiest way to make money from that blog is to monetize the blog with Google Adsense.

Start a Crafting Blog

Crafting is the most trending topic in the world as most people love to make DIY crafts out of trash items. Even kids like it very much so if you can make a DIY Crafting blog, you can make easy money by monetizing your blog.

You can also sell your handy crafts online if you are an expert in making DIY crafts. Or, alternatively, you can create your store and put handy crafts items on your blog to sell from third parties and can get your commission for every sale as an affiliate user.

You can show on your blog how to create DIY pallet plantersr by using the old pallets. Or you can show how to make a DIY pallet bed for the kids. Or you can show any other 5-minute DIY craft with papers, or with cardboard whatever is easy for you.


These were my own 5 best blogging ideas that can make money for you. But there are a lot of topics that can be used to make easy online money.

If you have your own suggestions, or you have your own blogging ideas, you can share with use using the comment section below.