Top 4 simple ways to relieve your stress

Feeling stressed is not a mental problem. It’s a period when you’re feeling pain inside. But facing the problem until it goes away by itself, it’s not a solution at all. You have to fight against the issue. Are you feeling stress? Then change your mood by reading “just be silly quotes!” To release the problem, totally you can take some steps. Stress and anxiety are pervasive for most of people. But scientists and psychologists also have found out some practical tips to reduce it. In writing, you’ll know about the best and easiest four techniques to stop your anxiety problem. Read them all and start your new life.  

  1. Exercise: 

Doing regular exercise is not only best for your physical. It also can release your mental stress. Maybe it will seem to you contradictory. But daily work out removes your mental stress through your physical weakness. Another benefit of doing exercise is it can decrease anxiety problem. This technique is also helpful for spreading endorphins hormone all over the body. The hormone is a chemical to improve your mood. Exercise needs to use energy. That means it’ll make you weak and give you a proper sleeping. A sound sleep is also released your stress. So if you’re feeling stressed and depressed, you should start doing physical exercise. 

  • Take supplements:

Some supplements can reduce anxiety and stress very well. And they are useful for your mind—such as- omega-3, green tea, valerian etc. Lemon balm is a part of the mint family. Studies say that it has the power to remove the anxiety problem. If you take omega-three fatty acid, you will be able to reduce twenty per cent anxiety symptoms. Valerian contains valerianic acid. It can make proper sleep and ease stress very fast. That means if you’re facing serious trouble with your anger issue, you should consider those supplements. 

  • Stop taking much caffeine:

Caffeine is the main ingredient of coffee, tea and other drinks and even of chocolate. This ingredient is essential for your body. But taking high dose also can increase your anxiety problem. Did you ever notice that caffeine makes you angry or anxious sometimes? Then it’s high time to make a limit on your drinking tea or coffee. You also can do another thing, count which drinks you take every day. Is it for chocolate? And then reduce the amount of taking the drink or chocolate gradually. 

  • Write your pain:

It’s the easiest way to release and handle your problem. When you write it down why you’re feeling stressed and sad, it will also give an option to understand your situation. By doing this, you’ll better know what is going on the surroundings. Why are you feeling bad and what’s the solution. After writing down your pain, you can write a thing about a fact what makes you grateful. Maybe gratitude can help you to overcome your problem. It will help you to give focus on your thought and go for a joyous day! 


I hope now you know how to stop your negative emotions. Apply the four techniques in your life and see the difference. Try to be busy with that work you love to do. Listen to music, go for a vacation or do any favourite pastime. After finding out what was giving you pain, try to avoid the person or situation. You also have to be relaxed and think about everything in a positive way. Spend more times with your family member and friends. They will help you to get through a painful time.