Top 12 Signs Shows You Are Not Medically Fit


It doesn’t matter if you go to the gym daily and walk half-hour at least. If you have the following medical signs then you are not medically fit. Here in this blog, we will share the signs that can lead you to serious health problems. You should know what’s going on in your body and what symptoms should be recognized first. Have a look

Signs That Show You Are Not Physically Fit

Chronic Pain

We all spent a maximum of 8 hours in the office while sitting in uncomfortable positions, which caused a severe type of chronic pain. The vertebral arteries deliver blood from the heart to the brain through vertebrae. If your muscles are not properly loaded, it can lead to impaired circulation. You may be suffering from constant fatigue and further complications to organize your work properly. Just place the monitor at a convenient distance from your eyes to easily reach this. Do a little bit of stretching every hour or walk down the hall for a few minutes to have a coffee cup to get back the energy level.


Have you ever heard about papilloma, which forms over the skin? It is because of cholesterol, and every medical expert would recommend you get yourself tested for the cholesterol level. This may lead you to abnormal metabolism. If the reason is cholesterol, it would be able to get appropriately fixed before making this too serious.

Peeling Nails

Deformation of the nail plate is because of peeling nails. If you are in this habit, it is due to the lack of such beneficial trace elements as zinc, silicone, calcium, and amino acids. It is due to the poor functioning of the cardiovascular system. The white dot indicates increased blood sugar and change in shape, and iron deficiency. You have to follow the proper guidelines by a cardiologist.

Feeling Hunger

If you feel that you are constantly hungry and craving to eat something, it can be due to a poor diet. On the other hand, lack of appetite is due to stress and different emotional behaviors. Healthy lifestyle won’t trigger such issues. Ensure you are not compromising over the diet because increased appetite comes from various psychological disorders and emotional eating.


Alcohol and drugs can dehydrate you because alcohol is diuretic and causes your body to remove the fluids from the blood through the renal system and affect the kidneys, uterus and bladder health. Dehydration triggers due to lack of water, but if you are addicted to alcohol and drugs, there are possible dehydration chances. Excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs triggers various health complications. There are so many rehab centres available in every area, which you need to consult for addiction. If you can’t afford the expensive medical treatments, there are free rehabs available, but they are for those who can’t afford them. Certain scholarships are provided to individuals who can’t pay for rehab.

Bad Breath

People who have constant bad breath issues might have gingivitis, a disease of gums and other things. Few people would ignore this, but this isn’t something to ignore. It’s time to get yourself checked by a dentist. They may prescribe you the best quality mouthwash and some treatments to help you get rid of this quickly.

Irregular Menstruation

The majority of women suffer irregular or painful periods that can indicate thyroid condition and need to fix it immediately. Young women with irregular menstrual periods would be due to hormonal deficiencies and develop into osteoporosis. Make sure you have consulted a gynecologist because they would do a detailed diagnosis and determine the main reason.


Snoring would be annoying, but this is something that causes bad health. It is due to sleep apnea and the short term respiratory system during sleep. Snoring causes many problems, especially thyroid malfunction, allergies or inflammation in the bronchi.

Legs Swelling

Swelling of legs is common after traveling through the plane, but if you have this all the time, it is an alarming situation. Poor circulation of blood which leads to swollen legs and causes heart weakening. Go for a detailed diagnosis because this is not something to overlook.

Hair Loss

We all need to make sure to take proper nutrients because it can lead to chronic fatigue and impaired immune system function. If we are not taking enough protein and taking too much stress, these signs could be the reason for hair loss. Always go for a healthy lifestyle and other hormonal disruptions such as iron deficiency, poor circulation and stress. Don’t take junk foods and other harmful things for hair health. If you see excessive hair fall issues, then go to your doctor.

Temperature Intolerance

If you cannot tolerate the hot or cold temperature, it can be a sign of a problem with the thyroid gland. Such symptoms appear, and all you need to do is get yourself checked to know the real problem.

Struggle To Good Sleep

When you struggle to get good sleep, you are not fit. If sleep quality is affected, then you are not regularly active. Exercise would help you make yourself relaxed and strengthen the circadian rhythm and help those who are struggling with insomnia. Try to exercise daily no matter how busy you are. Just take out 30 minutes from routine to bring yourself back on track.

These are the signs that show you people are not medically fit. You can get rid of these symptoms by adopting a healthy lifestyle. If these symptoms are constant, consult a doctor because they know the root cause and would help eradicate this with medications and dietary supplements. Don’t overlook a healthy diet because whatever you eat will directly affect your body.