Top 10 Movies to Watch on NetFlix India


The top 10 movies to watch on NetFlix India is one of the highly valuable pieces of information for those who are interested to watch movies and dramas in a highly effective manner while accompanied by passionate movie lovers.

Owing to this factor involved, we have been able to come out with the top best movies that you can easily and flexibly watch on Netflix to the greatest possible extent. This is what makes you feel good especially you want to watch movies with your family members or friends.

Netflix in this regard has been one of the amazing and productive platforms where you can search and find a wide range of movies. Always remember that you watch movies from reputed platforms as downloading pirated movies from sites like movierulz is a crime.

1. A clockwork Orange (1971):

In case you are the one who wants to have the best experience of the crime film, then this film is the best one. You must not miss the chance or the opportunity to be able to watch this movie. Stanley Kubrick’s heading towards dystopian crime is the significant aspect of this movie.

2. 12 years a slave (2013):

This movie reflects the awful appearance of the challenges of slavery in the USA. The best part is when the slavery problem was amazingly narrated along with being highly effective adapted on the screen. This story was of the individual who was enslaved after being problematically attracted by the job chances.

3. Animal house (1992):

This is the comedy film of America that is pertaining to the mismatched group of the members who ended up creating the challenge for the Faber College’s dean in the worst possible manner.

4. Argo (2012):

As the matter of fact, in an attempt to rescue the 6 Americans being captivated in the city of Tehran in the US hostage crisis in the country of Iran, the specialists of the exfiltration tend to become undercover being the producer of the Hollywood.

5. Beauty and the beast (1991):

This is about Belle who was the village girl being heading towards the journey to ensure the saving of her father from somebody who ended up locked him in the dungeon.

6. The breadwinner (2017):

This is about Parvana who was an eleven-year-old girl living under the rule of the Taliban in the country named Afghanistan in 2001. Once her father got mistakenly arrested, she ended up cutting the dresses and the hair to ensure the support of the family.

7. Beasts of No Nation (2015):

Once the civil war started in African, Abraham Attah was being trained by the warlord named Idris Elba in order to be able to join the guerrilla soldiers.

8. Casino (1995):

Ace was the powerful mafia group that was made to ensure the running of the casino in Las Vegas and ultimately acceding to the corridors of power. There are two individuals who created problems and challenges for him in the form of Ginger and Nicky.

9. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014):

Falcon and the black widow and captain America were to join the forces in an attempt to ensure the uncovering of the conspiracy within the parameters of the S.H.I.E.L.D. while confronting the assassin in considered being Winter Soldier.

10. Court (2014):

This story is about the social worker who tends to apply folk music in order to ensure the prevalent of the message on the suicide of the sewage workers and relevant charges.