Top 10 advantages of vinyl plank flooring

vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is known as one of the renowned floorings. Indeed, it’s one of the most comfortable outfits for both commercial and residential spaces. Undoubtedly it’s a unique and highly versatile option. 

Vinyl plank flooring offers two main advantages. First, it’s highly waterproof; second, it strongly mimics hardwood. Furthermore, it is highly convenient and cost-friendly flooring. You can easily get this flooring in flooring stores in Dublin. 

Vinyl floors are indeed the best option. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a rapidly growing market. Hence it’s getting favorite among homeowners, so you must know about the particular features of vinyl plank that is why it is worth opting for. 

Just for instance, if you are in the flooring market and confused about the right choice, certainly you will end up in the wrong purchase. Probably there are a lot of flooring options. Moreover, you will also get confused with the colors and patterns. No doubt this is not enough knowledge, so better stay with the article and make good choices. 

  1.  Moisture resistance 
  2. Aesthetic appeal 
  3. Easy upkeep 
  4. Durability 
  5. Highly versatile 
  6. Economical
  7. Easy installation 
  8. Warmth 
  9. Lifespan 
  10.  Wide variety 

1- Moisture resistance 

Vinyl plank flooring has good water resistance. Perhaps these floors are a perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and mudrooms. Luxury vinyl planks can easily handle all the spills and stains. Water-resistance property is, in fact, a wonderful feature of this flooring. They are available in floor store Dublin.

2- Aesthetic appeal

Indeed, this is one of the biggest advantages of vinyl plank flooring. This flooring is certainly appealing because of its close resemblance to hardwood and ceramics. Therefore these floors are the perfect choices for all the places. Unique color palette and textures, along with beautiful design, make this flooring extraordinary. These floors are worth opting for.

3- Easy upkeep 

As with all other types of flooring, vinyl planks need the least cleaning. Unquestionably these floors are a great choice for high traffic areas. Along with the least cleaning, these floors only need occasional moping and damp cloth cleaning.

Fortunately, these floors require the least upkeep. To make your vinyl flooring neat and clean, try using some mild detergents. This will not only clean the floor but also maintain realistic values. Remember, for vinyl floors, no waxing or polishing is required. 

4- Durability 

Vinyl planks are incredibly durable. They are probably the perfect flooring choices for high-traffic areas. Although these floors do not develop scratches or dent easily, you need to avoid all such scenarios that can damage the floor. Moreover, these floors are both family-friendly and pet friendly. High-end durability makes vinyl planks a great choice for both commercial and residential areas.

5- Highly versatile 

Vinyl floors are highly versatile. In case of vinyl plank flooring , you can use it in both high and low traffic zones. Myriads of colors and textures are available.  You can choose the most appropriate one for your bathroom or home. 

6- Economical 

Luxury vinyl planks are an affordable flooring choice, as compared to any other flooring. Such as hardwood, this flooring is more cost-friendly. With minimum investment now, you can easily get an incredible look.

7- Easy installation 

Vinyl planks are easy to install. There is no need for professional hiring. If you are a DIYer, you can easily handle the process. Vinyl planks come with an easy installation mechanism. Most of the time, it has a glued-down installation.

 However, some varieties come with groove-tongues mechanisms. If you are in a flooring store in Dublin or anywhere else, you can ask the customer support service. They can guide you in a friendly way. Moreover, try reading the installation guide before installation.

8- Warmth 

Vinyl plank flooring is, in fact, the most convenient underfoot. Either you have an unbalanced floor beneath, or it’s of concrete, vinyl planks are great in providing a comfortable walk. They provide a great walk and cushioning effect underfoot. Hence it is a fantastic flooring choice. 

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9- Life span

Vinyl planks, although offer a great life span. Usually, they last for 10-15 years or sometimes up to 20 years. However, life span mainly depends on the care and maintenance of homeowners. Irrespective of location, vinyl flooring needs the least care, but you still have to stay much concerned to let it last long. 

10- Wide variety 

Vinyl planks exist in a wide variety. From textures to colors, you can find anything. Luxury vinyl plank is a wonderful choice. From wood, stone, marble, parquet, concrete, and ceramic, you can overwhelmingly find anything. This is a limitless flooring choice. Not only is this an easily available flooring, but a huge variety makes it a lot more worthwhile. Regardless of the area, you may get in trouble finding your favorite choice. 


Vinyl planks are a great choice for all homes and even offices. Because of all the advantages mentioned above, luxury vinyl plank is a perfect flooring choice. It has the fewest flaws. You can easily replace this flooring at any time. As compared to the hardwood, this flooring is now getting the most resurgence.