Toonly Review Honestly: Best Animated Explainer Video Maker in 2020

Toonly is a software that is using for creating animated explainer videos to highlights products for marketing or any other services. You can purse this software rather than a cloud-based SaaS. The most important benefits if this software is it rather than easy to set up and use. 

You can make several animated explainer videos very easily without knowing coding and any other ideas about animation. You can easily drag and drop anything and include certain motions, movements and dialogues in your video and pictures at the time of using this software.

The people who want to create a normal video or promote something for their clients quickly and most cheaply, Toonly Review is the best for them.

Advantages of Toonly

If you want to make animated explainer videos on your own without having any idea, it will be not possible easily. For this reason, you have to engage a team of developers or a freelancer to complete your job. It is undoubtedly an expensive way. Again you have no idea this video will make a profit or not, and also you have not able for revisions and customizations. So it would help if you had great software of explainer video making for creating videos that you want to customize with our video.

You have also managing control over your animated video by using this Toonly software.

You can select the animations, colours, backgrounds, photos and dialogues for making your video with this Toonly software. In a word, you can control everything in this software. 

You will have the ability to shop around and run this software until you know exactly how you like it.

Highlighting features

1. The tool provides various types of custom images (about 1,000). So you can creatively make your video. 

2. Toonly is very easy to control, and you don’t need to have any skills in technical or design. Many Toonly tutorials can help you to get the start and making video right now.

3. You don’t need to buy a multi-computer for your business while you are purchasing this software. You can install this software in several computers in your office without spending extra money. 

4. This software also can save the files easily. For this reason, you can use your video both in social media and websites without any difficulty.

5. Toonly software has a great rule of the money-back guarantee. If you do not satisfy yourself, you will get back your paid money.

 Working procedure of Toonly

For getting started, you have to select the background or scene that what you want. If you have no idea from where you start, you will use a background that has already used. You have to need to attach something new for customizing.

Then you can drag and drop the pictures, people, audio recorders etc. and what you want ever for including to the video. You can also throw voice records into your video.

You can make it to play around and customize the video for your liking.

When you finish all including features to make the video, you save and export your video to your desired place.

List of PROs and CONs


1. Easy and perceptive to use

2. Provides of zero coding

3. Updates regularly

4. Easy to save and export file

5. Permits you to upload custom images

6. Less expensive

7. Simple pricing


  1. 1. No custom pictures animated
  2. 2. Not able to free trial
  3. 3. The sound can’t add  with specific animations
  4. 4. Not allow for auto-saving

Conclusion  Remarks

Undoubtedly, Toonly is one of the best explanatory video makers and easy to use, does not need any practical knowledge or skills. The cost of this software is $39/month for standard and $69/month for the enterprise. It helps in creating videos that fascinate even the most seasonal video professionals. We recommend this tool to people who want to create the content of the video. Although the tool has some bugs, Toonly can fix in future software updates.