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When you have a whole bunch of tasks to complete, a well-organized To-Do list becomes a formula for an effective solution. A To-do list is a must-have item for those going through a busy schedule. It’s used for multiple reasons such as daily based activities, a reminder for an important meeting or upcoming event, doing homework, completing assignments, household chores, and much more.

Despite its necessity & usefulness, many people tend to fail in following a To-Do list due to various reasons. Therefore, it’s important to first understand the dos and don’ts of making a To-do list for accomplishing your tasks. There are many do’s and don’ts of creating a To-do list. They remind you about the tasks required to be completed. Some are mentioned below:


Keep your Long-Term and Short-Term To-Do Lists separate

It’s very important to have a separate list of to-do items of both short- and long-term tasks. That way, whenever you have some time up your sleeves during the long-term project you are doing, you’ll easily be able to complete the tasks that are quicker to do. You’ll save time and finish both long and short tasks.

Merge Similar Tasks

While preparing your To-Do list, make sure to merge similar tasks. Similar tasks can include checking and responding to all emails, checking, and responding to all voice notes, cooking along with cleaning the kitchen, etc. Tasks you find similar, if you do them together, you’ll be able to work more effectively and on time.


Do Not Make It Complex 

The reason why many people fail to follow a to-do list is that they make it quite complex. Both the long-term and short-term tasks are combined in one list. Some tasks take too long while others just take minutes. If we make the list complex, the longer tasks would be pushed towards the next day or procrastinated.

Don’t Put Everything in It

Sometimes, we put almost every single task we want to do on that one list. We become determined to do all those tasks in one day. This causes us to do multitasking which instead of helping, ruins the situation. This makes us stressed, exhausted, anxious and in the end, none of the tasks is successfully done. Instead, focus on one task at a time rather than multitasking.

We hope the above provides you with necessary tips you need to make awesome to-do lists in the future. While following these you could use our Wondr Note App.

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