Tips to Make Cold Email Campaign More Effective

Tips to Make Cold Email Campaign More Effective
Tips to Make Cold Email Campaign More Effective

In the world of marketing, if social media is the cocktail party, emails are the ‘meetup for coffee’; classic one to one, but at a scale. Developing an effective email marketing plan allows you to reach and engage with your target audience in a customized manner, increasing sales at a low cost.

Email marketing tools, including other channels and media, have evolved to make it easier for the company to meet consumers than ever before. It is important for brands to view cold email campaigns as a viable option for marketing because when every other brand is diving into the cluttered social media environment.

Using a cold email campaign can actually set you apart.Having established the importance of cold email campaigns, let us now look at some tips to make them more effective.

Branding is a must:

Being remembered is one of the most powerful ways to get your emails opened, read, and acted upon. This is why it is important to create a memorable branding experience. In terms of style, colors, and visual elements, your email should represent your brand.

To create recognizability, choose a catchy email template and stick to it. Make sure to test it on both computer and mobile.Another smart idea is to create a consistent email signature.

It is all in the subject line:

The first thing that the user perceives of your email is the subject line. If the subject line intrigues the receiver, he will make an attempt to read the email, hence increasing the email open rates. Open rate is one of the most promising metrics for subject line engagement and needs to be taken into consideration while drafting a subject line.A subject line that concisely summarizes the email can be used for B2B communications.

In other scenarios, it is a good idea to have the subject line read what would appeal to the reader most from the email like rewards, if applicable. It is also a brilliant idea to use a single to few emojis in the subject line as it catches the viewer’s attention.

Segment, segment, segment away:

Segmentation can be used in all email marketing campaigns. Using proper segmentation methods when sending out emails may result in a 760 percent benefit. Lists can be segmented by demographics, geographic area, purchasing background, or something else that you think will help you target your content.

If you think you’ll be sending three emails a week, you may have customers on several lists, allowing them to access content that is personalized to them each time.

Clearer the objective, better the results:

It’s easy to get off-track when writing a cold email campaign. It is important to remember that each email should serve a single purpose only. Maybe it’s to entice readers to buy something by giving them a coupon. It may be to encourage them to interact with you on social media.

Maybe you’re trying to communicate with an influencer or sending a cold open for a pitch to a website. Whatever the case may be, identify the one particular feature and base your email entirely on it. For any professional assistance, consider getting in touch with the best digital agency in Philadelphia.

Be wise, make it concise:

Imagine you’re catching readers normally with a few seconds to spare to double-check your mail. The longer it is, the less probable it is that they can get to the point of the email. Much less use it to navigate to an external connection, make a purchase, or interact.

It should ideally look something like this:

LINE 1: A few introductory words about the brand.

LINE 2: Objective explanation with a call-to-action.

LINE 3: Ending with an outro and social media keys.


Finally, keep in mind that sending cold emails is always a risk. Since readers do not specifically request to be approached, you must make up by capturing their attention right away. Engagement, not promotion, is the game.