Tips to Know the Requirement of Water Purifier Service

Water purifiers are a ubiquitous appliance in most homes. They can help in keeping your family healthy by providing a steady source of clean drinking water throughout the day. Most purifiers use RO filtration, UV filtration or a combination of both to kill the bacteria and other pathogens in your water. 

The water purification process is very intricate and uses delicate candles and membranes to efficiently filter and remove germs from the water. These parts of the water filter slowly start wearing out with use, decreasing the purity of water. Regular maintenance is mandatory to ensure that you are not drinking contaminated water. Read ahead to learn a few tips which can help you maintain your water purifier better:

Understand the Importance of Maintaining Purifiers:

Water purifiers are designed with various layers of protection that remove different sizes of impurities from the water. The entire process is broadly classified into three parts- pre-filtration, reverse osmosis and post-filtration. The pre-filtering component removes large impurities like sand, dust and silt from the water while also protecting the osmosis membrane. The osmosis membrane is very delicate and prone to damage, this is why servicing the pre-filter is as important and servicing the main osmosis unit. 

 When to Get Your Purifier Serviced?

Purified water has a distinct taste that you and your family will automatically be accustomed to. When the taste of water changes and the filters and membranes wear out, servicing is required. You should contact your water purifier service company to schedule a complete servicing every 4 months even if there is no change in the taste of water. 

What Parts of the Purifier Require Maintenance?

The physical parts of your purifier like the body and tap only need to be changed if they have visible damage. Other parts that are crucial to the purification process need regular attention. Here are the two major parts of the purifier that need to be maintained:

  • RO Membrane: Water is pushed through a reverse osmosis membrane at 35 psi. This removes any unwanted solutes from the water and results in a pure solvent passing through the filtration unit. When this membrane is not changed or cleaned at regular intervals of about 4 months, the pores in the membrane can get clogged. A reverse osmosis cleaning cartridge filter and a cleaning pump can be used to clean and maintain the main component of your purifier. 
  • Filter Maintenance: Water purifiers have several filters that keep your water clean. Filters can get clogged with impurities when they have been used past the recommended period of 3 months. This is why changing the water filters is very important to maintain that quality of your drinking water. If the filter is not clean, impurities can pass through the layers of the filtration unit eventually ending up in your body. A simple regular water purifier service from your company is enough to take care of this. 

Water purifiers are very economical and practical for any indoor environment. Whether they are installed at home or in the workplace, water filters are the best way to drink clean water without generating waste in the form of plastic water bottles. Make sure you maintain your water purifier to keep you and your loved ones in good health at all times!