Tips on How to Increase the Conversion Rate on Your Company Website

Carefully directing your would-be customers to your beautifully designed website is all well and good, but if your conversion rate is woefully low, you are likely missing out on a wealth of opportunity.

Your conversion rate is essentially the number of customers who visit your website and fulfil a desired goal during their visit, such as purchasing a product or sharing a post.

A good conversion rate helps to grow your business, promote your brand and perhaps most importantly, increase your capital.

If you feel as though your company website could use some work, whether this is a little spring cleaning, or a better marketing strategy to support your business model, here are some handy tips to hopefully get your conversion rates up to where they should be.

Understanding Your Audience

One of the marketing fundamentals is undoubtedly a brand’s ability to understand its own audience. How can you sell a product, or persuade anyone to do anything, if you do not know who it is you are talking to in the first place?

Even if your product or service is irresistibly wondrous, it likely still needs the right person to discover it should you hope to see an increase in sales.

There are some tricks you can use to figure out who your target audience is, like creating buyer personas, tracking visitor behaviour across your website, or by analysing keyword searches relating to your product on Google (this can help you determine the nature of a demographic).

Without sufficient testing however, there is little chance you will be able to utilise a data-driven approach to your marketing. Statistical analysis is a must if you aim to optimise your efforts. You might want to check out the benefits of multivariate testing, as this is a great way to ensure that you discover the right method for your company, based on data rather than instinctual guesswork.

Implement Communication Opportunities

Sometimes, a customer might come to your website with a few questions about your product or need extra help when it comes to making their final buying choice.

By implementing communication opportunities via chatbots, instant messaging widgets or Q&A forms, you can make sure that the customer has the support they need to make their purchase.

If your site visitor is left in the dark about one of your products, with no one to turn to for expert advice, there is every chance you will lose their custom. This is totally avoidable, as the more help you can deliver to a would-be customer (without annoying them while they browse your site), the greater the odds are that you will be able to persuade them to the make the purchase.

Moreover, this can work wonders for your brand image, as it gives the impression that your brand is one that respects the value of customer service.

Content Creation can Add Value to Your Products

Writing blogs, whitepapers and articles has far more value than just SEO, although that is of course, a staple of digital marketing.

Creating relevant, engaging and insightful content can add value to your products or services, which in turn, could convert into sales.

This is because content like blogs, vlogs, social media posts, can make your brand appear more authoritative, more genuine and highly established.

Content adds substance to your website, and provided you spend some time ensuring the highest standard of quality, it can show off your expertise to your would-be customers.

For example, say you were selling coffee beans, you could add a blog to your website entitled ‘Top 5 tips on how to make the perfect cup of coffee.’  In doing this, you offer the customers content that enriches your product and makes it more desirable. You are essentially supplying them with a practical reason to engage with whatever you have to sell.

Video Marketing

It is also worth noting the immense value of video marketing, as this can add an entirely new dynamic to your products. It not only humanises your brand and proves that you are not a robot, but it shows off your products, gives the customers a chance to visualise your wares, and depending on which platform you use, greatly extend your reach.

The value of video marketing should not be overlooked in terms of conversion rates, so it might be worth thinking about starting a company YouTube channel, getting active on Instagram, and if you can stomach it, TikTok is definitely worth taking a look at in terms of promoting products.

The Beauty of Language

When attempting to optimise your processes across the board, no detail should be overlooked. This may pertain to the quality and style of the copywriting your company presents on your website.

It almost goes without saying, but making sure your spelling and grammar is perfect should be a number one priority. In terms of the wording itself however, this will likely need to change to reflect the nature of your particular brand. For example, adopting a more conversational, light-hearted tone might be ideal for a blog post or a company that sells humorous tees, but may come across as crass and callous for a business that sold medical supplies.

Writing keywords that conveys a sense of immediacy to your customer can help make your product more desirable, particularly if using statements such as, ‘hurry now to get yours!’ By starting with a verb, you can generate urgency, but it is important to not overdo it.

Whatever you decide to do, it is always worth consulting the facts and stats when it comes to conversion rates, as this can help you revisit the drawing board with a greater level of insight should you need to.